Throughout the past couple of years, it’s as though a resurgence of sorts has been generated within the Women’s motocross community. Riders pioneering, exemplifying extreme speeds, and even venturing into the professional ranks, would put this particular division of the sport on high notice; leaving many fans with tons of enthusiasm, when the class would enter the gates in front of them. Much was the case at this year’s MotoPlayground Race at Ponca City; where riders would travel hundreds of miles, to compete with the best in the central United States. As the gate would rise up for the first moto of competition, many in the field would feel as though they had a chance at the title. Confidence would fill the starting platform, and would be ported with a dumping of the clutch in the moments shortly after. It would be that of Katelyn Clauss emerging as the alpha, looking to pull away from the back behind her. Hitting the particular rhythm lanes of the course, each time she would land the motorcycle, her chassis would loom into the perfect transition; throttling out with the right intensity, and avoiding any type of excessive wheel spin. Next up, would be that of Brianna Scheltema, a rider from Michigan would chase down the lead with absolute fury. Landrey Hazen, was the rider occupying third; looking to capitalize on any mistake that was bestowed in front of her. The top three would pull away, coming into a battle of their own as the laps dwindled down. Mechanics, teammates, and friends alike would cheer them on from the fence; ushering them forward with a barrage of claps and screams. It would power the likes of Clauss to continue thriving; as she knew that only a few corners would remain between her and a lucrative race win. Now capturing the checkered flag, the outright victory would be hers; pushing her forward, against the likes of Brianna Scheltema and Landrey Hazen. After a congratulatory handshake and nod between all of the competitors, they would head back to their respective pit areas to become rejuvenated. After thorough planning and refueling, the pack would head to the gate for the second course of action. Shortly after, the gate would unlatch and the bracket would fall to the ground; with Clauss jumping out to an early lead. Scheltema was having none of it though, and would continue to hound the leader for the duration of the moto. Landry Hazen and Rylee Soule, would be battling fiercely for third position as well. The laps would continue to be churned, as the top two would rampantly go at one another. Scheltema knew the clock would be ticking, and didn’t have long to make the final move. The opportunity would be presented on that of the last lap, the final circuit! With literally seconds to go, Brianna would throw down the fastest lap of the race; doing what was needed, when it mattered most. Moving ahead of Clauss, she would go on to pass the checkered flag in a form of victory! Clauss would finish second, and Hazen, third, as their moto scores reflected their overall points total as well.