Yet another class on the docket that would have to be broken into divisions, the 450 B class was one with filled with numerous riders who aspired for championship contention. With the MotoPlayground Race growing with immense popularity over the years, races like these, were events that garnered substantial attention from the likes of the factory brands. Therefore competitors at the top of the results board, knew exactly what they’d be competing for. For the first showing of this particular class, it would be that of Chandler Baker barreling out of the gate. The number thirty-five was displaying absolutely zero sign of hesitation, when sending his machine flying through the native Oklahoma air. The thirty-five was staying rather clean, as the track had been doused with moisture throughout the moments prior. Adam Smerdon would run second, doing his best to pilot the KTM to the front of the field, with Liam Langer, Tommy Rios, and Caden Braswell rounding out the top five. Though Tommy Rios was a bit out of touch from the lead, he would still yearn for the top spot. One lap after another, Rios would continue to push forward, doing some of his best work toward the latter end of the race. Baker, would stand tall out front; never once looking behind him, to see what was going on. His immense focus would lead him right to the checkered flag; with Rios eventually pushing to second, Braswell third, and Adam Smerdon fourth. For the second showing of the class, it was Kawasaki’s Chance Hymas putting his machine out front. Cornering the bike with rather swift toggling, he would lean with Kawasaki as he flowed from one section to another; looking rather harmonious, while holding off a speedy crew behind. Branden Walther was riding stellar in that of second; fending off a slew of riders, who attempted to contend for the lead. Logan Boye, making the trek all the way from Florida, would look to combat the likes of Dane Folsom and Wristin Grigg for third. As Spencer Winter sat sixth, Hymas out front, knew that one slip-up could cost him dearly. Yet, his championship pedigree would pay off tremendously, with his mentality weathering the storm of stiff combatants. With Hymas taking the win, the main event would be set in moments to come. Tommy Rios was absolutely playing no games, when blasting off the line for the 450 B runoff. The man from Tennessee, was absolutely killing the track here in Ponca City; shining brightest when the spotlight was on. With Boye and Hymas attempting to run him down, many could imagine the pressure that Rios was under. Yet, the twenty-four would remain resilient. Boye and Hymas would continue to battle over the runner-up spot, with Braswell and Walther rounding out the top five. Leading every lap in the process, Rios’ score of 2-1, would be enough to push him to the top step of the podium! Hymas, would be granted the second spot, and Florida’s Logan Boye, third.