Arguably the fastest class on tap at the 2019 MotoPlayground Race, the Open Pro Sport division would absolutely be stacked with talent as the competitors rolled to the line. Keeping the bikes rather idle when waiting for the signal, once the referee would send the cue, all bikes would be throttled to the absolute extreme degree. 250 and 450 machines of all brands would be on the starting gate, itching for the indication to go. These races would be ten laps a piece, and it truly was anyone’s ball-game before the metal brackets would unlatch. It would be that of Grant Harlan getting out to an early lead, looking to build off of his previous summer performances. He knew this was a critical time in his career, and he had to accumulate a few championships prior to turning professional; as the waters of the pro-ranks, are now deeper than ever with riders hoping to establish a career. Doing what was necessary while in the front of the field, he would fend off the likes of Mason Gonzales, Preston Kilroy, Pierce Knight, and Dilan Schwartz. One after another, these riders would fly through the finish line section; for the most part, holding onto their positions rather well. It was Gonzales though, who was the rider on the move; putting down the fastest circuit time, on lap number four. As the field would creep into the final laps of competition, the top five would be condensed to an astonishing ten-second gap. With bikes wedging against one another, many were on the fences in anticipation of just what might happen. In the last two laps, somehow, Gonzales would do what was necessary to push hisself into second once and for all. Harlan though, had done enough to secure the win. Kilroy would claim third, Knight fourth, and Schwartz fifth; with a notable performance by Dustin Winter taking seventh, after vying for the lead for quite sometime. For the second round of racing action, it would be that of Grant Harlan again, who push his way to the front of the field. Hoping to keep his Honda numberplate relatively clean, he would do all in his power to keep this rabid pack behind him. Gonzales would be hot on his tail, pushing the pace in the runner-up position. Newby would be cemented into fourth, yet the man on the move, was that of Dilan Schwartz. An absolute animal from Alpine, California, the Suzuki would hurl his bike from outside the top five, and into the lead on the fifth lap. Never looking back, Schwartz would remain confident as he dashed to the final flag. Harlan, would hold strong in second, knowing that if he stayed here, the title would be his for the taking. Accomplishing the task, Gonzales would claim third in the moto and second overall on the final results sheet; with Schwartz’ last moto charge, enough to grant him third overall as well; salvaging what he could, as he walked away from Ponca City.