The novice division would line up one final time for that of the 2019 MotoPlayground Race; where the field was eager to get things underway, and compete for the opportunity of one last title. Stuckey, Mathews, Hutchins, Campbell, Foster, the list would go on and on, as the names were shouted from the staging area. With mechanics alongside their riders on the line, each bike would be started and shifted into gear; with their holeshot devices engaged. With a slow count from three to one, the gate would fall, and the field would burst into the open frontier; every rider acting as malicious as possible, when heading toward the green flag. Numerous moves would be made before ever hitting the stripe, and the heart rates of all would skyrocket. Registering first, would be that of Micah Mathews; where immediately, he would begin to throw down some whopping laptimes. Tyler Foster was second, with Danny Perry third. Chase Stuckey though, was the competitor weaseling his way through the pack; darting in and out with utter intensity, and showing immense enthusiasm with his riding style. Carter Jones would hold true in the third spot, yet would begin to feel pressure amassing from that of Stuckey. The number fifty-three, acting as a true staple at the front of the field, would do what was necessary to work his way around. Finding the opening, and acting on instinct as he pushed his way through. Mathews, was keeping the gap at a sustainable pace out front; the number 77, being the first to hit timing and scoring every lap. Holding on to take the race win, you could see his morale immediately boosted upon crossing the finish line. Pumping his fist, he would be congratulated by his team upon arrival back to the truck. Chase Stuckey, would push his way into the silver medal bracket, as Carter Jones amounted to third. For moto number two, it was actually that of Carter Jones who would scurry out to an early lead. Doing all in his power to fend off the pack behind, you could tell that he was excelling on this Ponca City track. All seemed to be well, until an unfortunate mishap mid-race, would push him outside of the top ten. This was all that was needed for riders like Stuckey, Mathews, and Campbell, to pounce on the lead. Stuckey would shortly thereafter, throw down a laptime below the 1:50 second mark; separating himself from the field throughout numerous portions of track. Continuing to keep the throttle in pinned, his third place position of the green flag, would be an afterthought; as he would overtake the lead on lap four. Campbell would sustain second until the final lap as well, until Mathews persevered past and into the silver medal slot. Yet again though, once the final flag would be waved, it would be that of Chase Stuckey accomplishing the task at hand; claiming the championship for all to see. Micah Mathews, would be designated second overall, and the Oklahoma native of Andrew Hutchins, would garner third overall on the final results tab.