The racers of the novice division would once again meet and be amongst each other, this time, aboard stock machinery. A level playing field of sorts, would push many riders to seek even further advantages than usual. Whether that be by scouring the track for new lines, focusing solely on start technique, or even preparing themselves for mental warfare, the aura among the start line would be very intense. As the field would prepare for takeoff, you would see heads bow in unison, as they watched the gate unlatch. Immediately after, numerous 250f’s would dash around this groomed Ponca City track, slashing every which way with rubber tire tread. The rider on everyone’s radar would be that of Chase Stuckey; a KTM competitor who was no stranger to winning, and looked to capture yet another title for the 250 C Limited group. Cameron Campbell though, had other ideas; and would force the pack to work around him, as he sprinted out to an early lead. Brodie Boehning, holding down the second place ride, would be overtaken by that of Stuckey; who would somehow jump from third to first, in the matter of one lap! The number fifty-three was absolutely flying around through this Oklahoma soil, doing what was necessary to pull away from the field. Appearing to hit his marks with ease, he couldn’t let off the throttle however; as Brodie, who still remained second, appeared to mesh with the track to a greater extent as the race went on. Slowly building momentum, he would wait until the last lap to truly lay it all on the line. The result? The fastest lap of the moto, no questions asked! However, it would force that of Chase Stuckey to rise up as well, and the number fifty-three would do what was necessary to take the win. Boehning would finish second, Campbell third, Brenden Bacal fourth, and Andrew Hutchins, fifth. The field would be gathered together for that of the second moto; the referee on the start line, acting as the captain in command. He was ready to let the soldiers be unleashed to the battlefield, as they thoroughly revved their engines as if they were sharpening bayonet blades. Bacal would get out front, and look to pull away from the field. While Stuckey would once again use his wizardry, to move into the first place position by lap two. The Kawasaki of Bacal was forced to abide, and would subsequently be pushed into second. Cameron Campbell, would then talk the likes of the front-runners. And once the white flag had come about, he then would overtake the silver-medal position. With Boehning now residing in third, it was that of Chase Stuckey’s race to lose. He was the pilot of the class, dictating how fast the pace would be pushed; and as a result, claim both the moto and overall win. Taking yet another one-one tally, Cameron Campbell would be noted in the second place ride, and Brodie Boehning, would travel back to Texas with a bronze medal in his arsenal.