One thing with that of the C class, is that consistency, at times, can be hard to follow throughout the course of a race weekend. With riders so close in speed, many a time scores will be flip-flopped from one spectrum to the other; using strenuous mathematics, to calculate just how the overall running order would reside. And that memo would be appear yet again for that of the 2019 MotoPlayground Race; this time, in the 250 C Jr. Limited division, where the field would absolutely be packed with talent. Coming to the line for the first moto, the oddsmakers couldn’t quite figure out just who would emerge with an overall win; with the championship title being truly up for grabs. Shortly thereafter, the field would burst off the line, merging as one as they tackled the Ponca City track for lap number one. Two and three wide, riders were being forced to either clamp onto their braking mechanisms; or veer off track! Cameron Campbell, was the rider out front; appearing to truly not be denied victory. Brodie Boehning would reside in second, and Cameron Harrison third. All of these riders had grown accustomed to one another, racing each other time and time again over the course of the weekend. They knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and understood when the right time to strike would be. Campbell though, would remain rather stingy with his leading antics. Never riding defensive, as he set the fastest lap on circuit number three. Yet, always riding the “best” line around the track; forcing others to either follow, or venture into uninhabited territory. Lap after lap, Campbell would continue his momentum in front of the entire field. With Brodie and Cameron Harrison, jousting to the best of their abilities. Chase Stuckey though, a rider who was well accustomed to the front, was buried deep within the field. He would have to use every trick in his arsenal, to overcome a dismal start to the moto. Luckily, through pure perseverance, he would gravitate toward the sixth place spot once all was said and done. Meanwhile, Cameron Campbell would garner the checkered flag. Boehning would finish second, and Harrison, would reside third. Called to the line for their final go around, Chase Stuckey knew that he was on the outside looking in. Not only would he have to ride to the best of his abilities, capturing a race win; but, numerous other cards would have to fall in his favor. He would decide to do all in his power, pushing his way into the lead, and never looking back. Meanwhile, that of Hutchins, Micah Mathews, Harrison, and countless others, would shuffle behind him. Each lap, Stuckey would be ushered by his mechanic to push forward; encouraging him with every passing round. Continuing to hold strong in the lead, the algorithm of sorts would be configured in the positions behind. Hutchins would make his way into second, and Micah Mathews would lock down third. Harrison, now fourth, would end up just short of the title at the stripe; while Stuckey, somehow, someway, would prevail for yet another championship! Absolutely stoked on his performance, Stuckey would add another title to the mantle, Mathews would finish second, and Harrison would claim third.