As the dust had cleared from that of the 2019 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Motocross Championship, many riders could be found dispersing through an array of situations. Whether it was moving to the professional ranks, switching brands all together, or making the jump from the intermediate divisions to the A Class, it was as though for the likes of the 2019 MotoPlayground Race, a slight preview of the Pro-Am contenders would be displayed in the 250 Pro Sport bracket. As the roster would continue to grow with talent, heaps of manufacturers and selected brands would be represented; all in hopes, of walking away with a prestigious championship from Ponca City Raceway. The gate would slowly rise on this murky October morning, with a glistening track waiting to be terrorized. Riders from all across the continental United States would be revving their engines to the highest degree; warming up both tire tread and piston stroke, in hopes to excel off of the starting line. Immediately, it was that of “West Coast” player, Dilan Schwartz, rocketing out of the gate. The number seventy-four had been on an absolute tear for the past couple of seasons, and this events commencement was no different. Zig-zagging through the numerous backside bends, he could be seen railing the outside of the layout in the highest gear possible; only hitting the clutch and rear brake, as the chassis would attempt to swap side to side. Mason Gonzales, moving into second rather quickly, would see this occur from a slight distance; and hope to mimic his lines, in order to real in the Suzuki pilot. Third and fourth, would be involved in a valiant joust; as both Winter and Kilroy would be slashing at the jugular, truly going all out in order to secure the final bid on the podium. Throughout the course of the ten laps, it was that of Schwartz who would settle into a lead; with Gonzales taking the runner-up position, and Winter, solidifying his presence in third. Loading the line for round number two, it was as though Mason Gonzales knew something that the other competitors didn’t. He felt as though he had the extra variable, to put him into the top spot; aspiring to walk away with the overall, once all would conclude. He would blitz off the line with imminent desire, scouring through the gearbox with malicious intent. One click after another, would allow his peripheral vision to become clear; moving forward in front of the entire field shortly thereafter. Attempting to throw down as many sprints as possible, he knew he had absolutely no time to waste, with riders like Dilan Schwartz moving into second. Schwartz, setting the fastest time on lap number five, would picture Gonzales as the dangling carrot; doing everything in his power, to lunge and yank the top spot from the Yamaha rider. With Pierce Knight and Preston Kilroy in third and fourth, Gonzales mechanic would reiterate that it was time to buckle down. He would abide, doing what was necessary to take the win! This would grant him the overall championship, as Schwartz would finish second in both the moto and championship, and Kilroy scores of four-four, would bestow him the bronze.