LARRY REYES JR. - 125CC (12-17) B/C


With this race taking place just after the amateur nationals of the summer, the event put on by MotoPlayground is proving to be place where riders are making transitions to the larger machines. That was much the case for the 125cc (12-17) B/C class, where younger riders would be greeted by elder competition, who’d already asserted themselves as dominant forces in this 2-stroke only division. Take for instance, riders like Larry Reyes Jr. and Gage Stine. These guys had been atop the class for sometime now, exemplifying noteworthy results at every event they attended; regardless of how large the particular national was. The trend would then continue, for this year’s race in Ponca City. It looked as though the Orange Brigade had brought a large portion of their army, to this particular event; with numerous riders at the top of the field, riding the KTM brand. To begin the first racing sequence, it was that of Reyes who would make his way into the lead; with numerous riders, revving their engines just behind. He couldn’t deter, or have any lapse of focus; otherwise, the thought of victory would simply be erased. As the field would begin to shuffle, it was actually that of Luke Kalaitizian who take the lead for a short bit; before an unfortunate mishap, would result in a subsequent DNF. The pack would move forward though, with Reyes, Stine, and Wyatt Liebeck holding down the top three. Gage Linville, working his way into fourth, would establish his presence too; as the first four riders, were separated by mere seconds. Reyes, doing what was necessary to stay afloat in the front of the field, would be the first one to cross the stripe; as Stine, Liebeck and Linville, would round out the top four. The outlier in all this, you ask? None other than Florida’s Jack Chambers; who would rally after a fifth place finish in motor one, to take the lead in moto number two. Reyes, moving past Gage Stine for second, would be all over that of the number 102; doing everything in his power, to get the Floridian to break. No matter what line, neither inside or outside, Chambers wouldn’t manage to budge. Yet, Reyes wouldn’t show any sign of frustration; and remain composed throughout the course of the final laps. With the number ten of Gage Stine just behind, the three would look to cross the line nearly on top of one another. Yet, it was actually that of Gage Linville in fourth, who would set the fastest laptime of the race! Chambers, claiming the outright moto victory, would finish just ahead of Reyes and Gage Stine; yet the overall championship, would be crowned to that of the Texas native. The final running order, would list Reyes, Stine, and Chambers, as the overall podium recipients. Heading back to his native city of Houston, Reyes would be beyond motivated, to continue his dominance aboard the big-bike; hoping to come into 2020, absolutely swinging with intensity.