Continuing with the trend of the C class on the national scale, the gate for these particular divisions, was rather full as well. Packed from one end to the other, riders from many different regions would gravitate to Ponca City for this October weekend; throwing their name into the hat, to become a champion at the 2019 MotoPlayground event. Following practice, it was immediately noticeable that riders like Cameron Campbell, Brenden Bacal, Chase Stuckey, and Carter Jones, would be imminent threats to win. Shortly thereafter, the gate would unlatch and crash to the ground for that of the first moto; with Illinois’ Cameron Campbell pushing forward to an early lead. Stringing together a series of solid laps, he looked to be rather comfortable in the lead; not bowing down to the pressure from the surrounding crowd, or deterring track conditions around him. Hitting his lines with effortlessness, all appeared to be well until the pack of riders from behind would really begin to hound him. Jones, Stuckey, and Bacal, were all ready to nudge their way into the top three; overtaking Campbell, near the lap four mark. With each of the aforementioned shuffling with serious intent, it was that of Jones who would prove to be the dominant force! Pushing into the lead on the last lap, although Chase Stuckey, would actually set the fastest circuit time! Bacal, still holding down strong in third, could do nothing but watch; as the allotted time for the race would simply run out. With Jones taking the win, Stuckey second, and Bacal third, it was Cameron Campbell bringing home the fourth place ride, with the following moto just around the corner. The competitors involved in the first moto dual, would be eager and rather anxious for the second race to begin. They knew that this particular bout of competition would be tough; and they aspired to gain any advantage possible, in order to succeed. Stuckey aboard his KTM machine, would be the first to round the green flag; sparing his vision, and stack of tearoff’s amassed on the goggle frame. Second would be that of Jones, who had Cameron Campbell all over his rear fender. Tyler Foster and Bacal, would be then on the move meanwhile; as both men would jolt themselves from outside the top five, into podium contention as the race waded on. Jones would slowly begin to dwindle back, with Foster and Bacal capitalizing. Foster would stick to the fourth place ride, as Jones would cement his name to a strong fifth. While Campbell, would try to fend off the valiant Brenden Bacal for second. And despite fighting with all of his might, Bacal was just not a rider who would take no for an answer. He would push passed Cameron for third, with Chase Stuckey in first, leading the train around the track. Stuckey’s performance was veteran like, although Bacal would push the envelope on the last go-around, laying down the fastest lap in the meantime. Chase would remain confident, never wavering, and walk away with a second moto victory. The championship would go to Stuckey, with Bacal taking the silver, and Carter Jones, the last step on the box.