As the classes of Schoolboy and Supermini would finally relinquish their reign, the likes of the 250 B divisions would welcome with open arms. With riders like Hymas, Linville, Ryan, and Braswell, all making the move up from their respective Loretta Lynn classes, all in the aforementioned divisions would become amassed in that of 250 B. Although daunting to be racing in a class such as this, it was very intriguing to watch from the sidelines. Many in attendance would wonder, just who would emerge as the overall winner, with this many feverish competitors on the line? Broken up into separate qualification bouts, it was that of Chance Hymas who would scream with exclamation as he piloted the Kawasaki machine around the track. Registering first on the green flag lap, it would be that of Jeremy Ryan, Izaih Clark, and Caden Braswell behind. The pack would grow stronger, yet, Hymas perseverance would lend him well. He understood that he must continue to fight forward, never looking behind or wavering to thought of storming competition. Deep into the moto, the number 832 would still continue to thrive, letting know his elders that he was here to stay. Ryan, still standing in second, would do all in his power to gain on that of Hymas; even throwing down the fastest laptime on the final circuit. Just short at the line, the final running order for this particular heat, would be that of Hymas, Ryan, Clark, and Braswell. For the second rendition of racing, it was the local product of Chandler Baker looking to feed off the hometown advantage. Residing in nearby Oklahoma City, he would thunder down the start stretch and never look back. Although an abundance of competition would knock heavily at his door. Tommy Rios would be fighting for second with Wristin Grigg just behind, and Gage Linville seemed to eventually find his groove inside the top five. The three riders would be neck and neck to a degree, with Rios really lunging toward the lead as the laps would dwindle down. Yet, it was the number thirty-five of Baker, doing what was necessary, and putting his machine atop the board for the conclusion of this particular heat. Man oh man would Tommy Rios out come out swinging for that of the runoff! The Florida native would sweep the field in the early going, getting out to a blistering pace for all to see. With Chance Hymas and Branden Walther behind, the top three would absolutely be flying around this Ponca City track. Linville and Braswell would be scraping plastic for that of fourth and fifth, leaving it all on the line as they darted toward the finish. Around lap five though, matters would start to change; and it was that of Hymas, who would see an opening and look to pounce. Rios, baffled at the aggressive move, would leave just enough room for Hymas to slip by. And that was all that would be needed, as the Kawasaki powered into the lead. At the stripe, the running order of Hymas, Rios, and Walther, would equate to a similar championship score. With Idaho’s Chance Hymas claiming an outright title, Rios garnering second, and Gage Linville, bringing home position number three.