A division that’s grown in prominence over the years, the 125 C class on the national scale has offered riders of novice status, a place to hone their skills aboard what many would call, “welcoming” machines. Welcoming in the sense, that the 125cc is fast enough to conquer any obstacle on the track, yet, it doesn’t overtake the rider or harness the aggression, that a 250f could arguably showcase. It would be offered as well at the MotoPlayground Race in Ponca City, Oklahoma, and there would be a plethora of entries as the event would loom nearer and nearer. Finally, the contenders of the class would make their way to the starting line; eager, to attack this track that had been affected by the weather. Yet, the track crew here in Ponca would shape up the course, to a pristine layout and level playing field; for all to showcase their best efforts. With Yamaha, KTM, and Husqvarna being a few of the top brands, many in attendance were curious to see just what machinery would prevail once all was said and done. Cameron Harrison, soaring aboard the number ninety machine, would be the first to draw blood, and take the opening flag in stride. Slashing the competition with a feverish twisting of the throttle, he would power through the deepest of loam with the throttle pinned; never once bogging down, as the KTM would attempt to hit numerous entrenching ruts. Continuing to follow the foundation of his skillset, he would lead laps two and three as well, heightening his lead over Brodie Boehning (who would have an unfortunate mishap on lap two.) Still, the Yamaha rider in second, wouldn’t give up hope; and instead, charge his way back into the number two ride. Zennon Shain, now pushed back to third, was putting on an honest effort too, for the crowd to see. Yet it was Harrison, who would take the field by storm; doing what was necessary, to claim the moto victory once and for all. Shain would pull the holeshot and early lead for moto number two, with Harrison hot on his heels. The number ninety knew there wasn’t any time to waste, and would eagerly search for a time and place to make the pass. That matter, would occur before the beginning of lap number two; Shain would be pushed back to second as a result. Andrew Hutchins, who would run third, would then move to second by lap three; with Brodie Boehning in tow. The field was in a constant array of switching, and Harrison knew that he couldn’t let up! Coming down to the last lap, the top three would be separated by less than two seconds, and Boehning who ran third, would set the fastest lap as a result! The racing was beyond intense, yet Harrison would never fold. Going on to take the moto win, it would be Hutchins and Boehning following behind him at the line. As Harrison would be crowned champion, Boehning and Hutchins, would take second and third respectively.