Some of the fastest machines in attendance would be escorted to the line for this respective Supermini class; as the power to weight ratio of these 105cc bikes, was truly phenomenal. Able to conquer nearly everything on the track, all it would take was a rider with outright ability, to absolutely shred and tear this respective Ponca City motocross track to pieces. As riders such as Janik, Smerdon, Gilmore, Colip, and Clough would find out, this particular Supermini division was no joke! The field would roar off the line for that of the first moto, each rider crouching in an aerodynamic stance. Attempting to garner as much speed as possible, at times, the radar gun wasn’t able to detect just how fast these riders were going! Keeping the machine pinned to the brink of fifth gear, it was that of Trevor Colip would round the green flag circuit in the lead. Being overtaken shortly thereafter by Minnesota’s Jayden Clough, it was the Kawasaki rider who was asserting himself as the alpha male of the pack. Yet, many other rampant competitors were furiously barking at his doorstep; revving their engines as they funneled into these tight chicanes. Fineis would move into second, hitting a sub 1:50 mark as the white flag neared! Closing the gap to less than a second, they would develop a bit of cushion over the likes of Myles Gilmore and James Clough; leaving the crowd in suspense as the referee would step away from his stand. Throwing the checkered flag in a “figure eight” type manner, Jayden Clough and Fineis would be inches away from each other across the line, with Clough getting the best of this particular dual. It was Myles Gilmore in this instance, who would take third. Fineis would return with a bit of a chip on his shoulder for round number two, hoping to impose his will and aggressiveness on the crowd around him. Accruing an early lead, his laptime of a jaw-dropping 1:43, would develop a cushion over Jayden Clough that couldn’t be overcome. Despite applaud worthy efforts from the likes of Clough, Colip, and Smerdon, this was Fineis’ race to lose. Nearing lap four, his pace would continue to be sustained; ripping through the backside of the track, with some of the fastest lines of the weekend. Ripping through theses consecutive left-handers, his right foot would slightly drag the rear brake; just enough, to keep the weight of the chassis down, as the machine would thrust into the apex of the deepest ruts. Blasting out with a handful of throttle when exiting the corner, would have him pulling away from the field in an exceptional manner. As the last lap was upon him, he would choose to back it down ever so slightly, making sure he would come across the line in an upright manner. Doing what was necessary to take the title, the top three would consist of Fineis, Jayden Clough, and Trevor Colip, as the event would conclude.