MARK FINEIS - 85cc MINI SR 2 (13-15)


The “boys” were back in town again, this time, battling for the likes of the 85cc (13-15) crown. A slightly different variation than the younger divisions, this outing would allow older competitors battle amongst one another; with the Schoolboy classes just around the corner. With many familiar names on the respective ballot, the industry knew the course of action would be extremely intense, once the metal brackets would fall. The field would then load up the gates for the first moto, as the competitors looked down the line amongst themselves. Mark Fineis was a rider revving the engine to the fullest extent, clearing out the exhaust to an extreme degree. One final fist bump to his mechanic, would indicate that he was ready to truly go all-in, and leave every ounce of effort he could muster, on this astonishing Ponca City Raceway. With numerous names before him making their presence known on this course, he too wanted to walk away with as many championships as possible. Beginning his quest on the right note, he would quickly burst into the lead while vaulting off the line; hitting third gear, mere feet out of the hole. Quickly transitioning to the rear fender, he would slowly begin to escalate his KTM machine to the inside, forcing the field behind him to shut down. Laying down a few episodes of sprints in the following laps, he showed no signs of fatigue or mental lapse, even when the pressure was on. Collin Allen, who would run second, would keep him honest; nearly mimicking the fastest laptime set by the leader. Yet, he couldn’t solve the riddle to overtake the Indiana native. Meanwhile Trevor Colip, and Adler Caudle, would be just behind in third and forth; undertaking a battle of their own. But once all would settle, and that final flag would wave, Fineis would be left as victor; leading all five laps, and aspiring to duplicate the process, in the moto to come. Allen, registering second, would look to fend off Colip yet again, for the final go-around. The duplicate racing sequencing, would then be presented for all to see; and it were though Fineis would look to push the envelope even further. Although it was Trevor Colip who was out front initially, the number 105 would work his way around with a brilliant display of passing; slyly pushing his fender past, and shutting the door before the green flag on lap two. Proceeding to usher his way forward, everyone in the crowd would be aware of his laptime posted on the third circuit; where he would dip below the 1:50 second mark! The only one in the class to do so, Fineis would showcase all of the traits of a champion, in route to another title here at the MotoPlayground Race. With Colip taking second, it was that of Colin Allen who would claim third; as an absolutely stacked division, would leave the premises of Ponca City once and for all.