MARK FINEIS - 85CC MINI SR 1 (12-14)


Numerous riders within this particular class, were truly on the verge of their “big-bike” debuts. However, many would want to stick around, garnering their experience a bit more on the national scale, and walk away with another championship, to their overall resume of accolades. Riders like Mark Fineis, were no stranger to that of the spotlight; welcoming all the pressure and attention that comes with an event like this, and using it as motivation to excel. Anyone of these riders, throughout the course of the top ten, had showcased their efforts on the national scale before; and they looked to leave it all on the line, for this particular event in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Separated into two respective heat races, the gate would fall for that of the first event; with Noah Viney pushing the pace for all to see. It was the train of Fineis, Casey Cochran, and Collin Allen though, that would bombard their way to the front shortly thereafter. All of the top riders were gunning for one another for this particular instance; leaving nothing to spare, once all would conclude. Running laptimes in the 1:50 second rage, these guys were truly were simulating that of racing on the professional level; just at this time, were on smaller machines. Fineis would do what was necessary to push himself into the lead, leaving Cochran in second and third just behind. Viney, holding it down ever so strongly in fourth, would be trailed by Jeremy Fappani, at the checkered flag. Taking hold of heat number two, would be that of Krystian Janik; a competitor, who was no stranger to the front of the field. Riders like Trevor Colip, and Dilon Blecha would be leaving nothing left to chance, in regard to effort being displayed. With the track beginning to come around, the ruts would start to swallow up a big portion of the field; yet the aforementioned riders, would seemingly separate themselves. Janik would remain upright, and look to cruise the bike across the finish line; yet Indiana’s Trevor Colip, was having absolutely none of it; and would hound him, until the checkered flag would wave. With Blecha taking third, the main event would be set up to be a concoction of brilliant competitors. It was the number 105 of Fineis, would would assert himself as leader in the early going, forcing riders like Janik and Cochran to abide to his pace. Throwing down outstanding laptimes at the front of the field, the effort of the Fineis was truly admirable; while Janik and Cochran, would exemplify strong showings in their own right. Collin Allen, pushing his limits into the fourth position, could see that of the top three attempting to scurry away. Yet, it was that of Fineis, who would have nothing to worry about. Taking yet another moto victory, the KTM would rider would be absolutely stoked on his performance for the weekend; as Janik would take silver, and Cochran, a well deserved bronze back home to Florida.