If you’d been falling the itinerary of results and roster names, then you most certainly would notice just how often that of Mark Fineis was at the front of the pack. An absolute staple as he’s blazed the amateur trail, the Indiana native has been a consistent mainstay for years now. However, there were many within his proximity of speed; and with the right opportunity, a certain few could throw their name in the hat for championship contention as well. Enter Jayden Clough, a young man from Minnesota who knew he possessed the ability to garner a championship; his plan would just have to be intact, and he must then seize the opportunity when it presented itself. He looked to “wow” the crowd initially with his departure from the gate, for moto number one; third off the line, just behind that of Freddy Aquino and Trevor Colip. Never one to be complacent, Clough would then leapfrog his way into the lead; somehow, pushing his way passed the hard-nosed, Stockton, California native. Putting down the fastest lap in the process, Clough knew he would have the win within his grasp; if he could just lay down a couple of solid segment times. Navigating through a section of harsh shop, he would absolutely obliterate the final few corners, to come across the line with flying colors. A subtle fist pump, would have him feeling reassured that he could put on the performance for the final moto of action; as Colip, Aquino, Myles Gilmore, and Noah Smerdon would round out the top five. Loaded up with a stack of tearoff’s and a fresh set of gear for the following bit of racing, Clough knew that this championship very well could be his. He didn’t seem to be worried about who was on the line beside him, and would continue to hone in on the track in front of him; visualizing the process of taking the race win, and hitting his marks in the process. The first lap would be his, and he could see that it was Noah Smerdon behind him. Never one to configure or calculate results while on the bike, Clough understood that if he won, the overall was his. And that was the only incentive that he needed, when tackling the final few laps. Meanwhile Colip, Aldredge, and Stevens, would be battling for the remaining portion of the top five. Clough, shortly thereafter, would propel his Kawasaki across the line; emerging victorious, once and for all, for this year’s particular MotoPlayground race! Trevor Colip of Indiana would take second overall, with Georgia’s Noah Smerdon, claiming third. Referring back to Clough though, his ride back to Elko, Minnesota would be that much sweeter; where he would use this championship as motivation, to keep him surging forward throughout the coming months. It would act as both, a reminder to how far he’s come; and an object of attainment, signifying a reward for both hard-work and dedication, to this ever-so challenging sport.