With such a wide range of ages in this particular class, a multitude of riders would be coming together, yearning for a crack at a Ponca City title. Historically one of the toughest classes throughout the amateur national scene, riders like Collin Allen, Casey Cochran, and Jeremy Fappani, would do all in their power to walk away as victor. Broken off into two separate heats, the field would have a chance to truly eye the other helping of competition; seeing good and well who would walk away as a threat at the final flag. For heat number one, it was that of Jeremy Fappani pushing his way into the lead initially. Doing whatever he could to deter the vision and focus of Krystian Janik, the two would lock horns on that of lap number three; with Janik, emerging with a slight fender ahead. Fappani would then look to mimic that of the Kawasaki, making mental note of his line selection, and saving it in his mental database of affirmative action. Noah Viney could then be seen shortly thereafter, in that of third place; duking it out with that of Thomas Wood and James Clough. Viney, traveling all the way from Murrieta, California, would do what was necessary to secure third place; leaving Wood in fourth, and James Clough, fifth. For the second portion of heat racing, Casey Cochran would sprint out and ahead of the field; forcing riders like Collin Allen, Zayden Mason, and Drew Adams, to ante up. They would do so, with the aforementioned pack breaking away, and putting on a spectacular showing for all to see. Cochran was nearly flawless out in front, keeping the sixty-six machine rather clean, while roosting the daylights out of Collin Allen. A battle until the absolute finish, the two would give a respectful nod to one another, looking forward to the battle that would ensue. It was Allen then, that wanted to establish his presence at the front of the pack; doing as needed, after a slight hiccup from Krystian Janik would occur. Making his way around and into the lead, it would be he, Cochran, and Fappani rounding out the top three. Allen would look far and wide for smooth lines, finding some rather key places to gain speed, in the back section of the track. Little by little, the lead would blossom, growing with the plethora of moisture that lay within the soil. The number sixty-six machine was doing all in his power to get around, yet Allen’s defensive tactics were enough to hold off the entire field. His creativity would reap dividends, as he persevered to the checkered flag. Taking the overall championship, Allen would be declared champion; with Cochran bringing home the silver medal, and Fappani, a solid showing in third. Now emerging as a legitimate household name, look for Collin Allen to continue his climb toward success. With a hard-working mindset, and positive attitude, there’s no telling just how far he can soar, in years to come.