With this event becoming a staple for the Central area of the United States, many accustomed to their region would circle this race on their respective calendars some time ago. However, riders would continue to flock through the gates, as this particular October weekend would actually come to fruition; bringing competitors from all over, to do battle in that of Middle America. Names such as Travis Pine, hailing from that of nearby Texas, would have their sights set on that of a championship; yet, riders like Jesse Parks, driving all the way from Port St. Lucie, Florida, would eye nothing but the top step of the podium as well. The battle would have to be settled then, over the course of two, strenuous motos. Heat number one would showcase that of Drew Adams; one of Kawasaki’s most highly touted prospects, hailing from the southeast region. The number three hundred would exemplify absolute authority through these treacherous conditions; as mother nature, had made a huge impact on the moist grounds of Ponca City. Weathering the storm, Adams would throw down a jaw-dropping 2:09, leaving absolutely no-one around at the end of lap two. Jesse Parks meanwhile, was work his way back from the fourth place spot, fighting for both clear track and clear vision, as he moved well into second place. Jake Cicur, would also present a strong effort for the crowd to see; bringing home third, once the referee that the race was over. The field in heat number two, knew that they had to replicate the performance that Drew Adams had just put on. And riders like Travis Pine, Jace Williams, and Kade Johnson, would do their best, to showcase that. Pine would come around the first lap in third, and look to gravitate toward the front of the field. Moving into first by lap three, would force Jace Williams to follow along; and Kade Johnson as well. The three had established themselves as front runners by the time lap five had come to fruition; yet, the fastest time of the race, would be set by that of Diesel Thomas! An all out warrior, he too felt that he could be considered one of the best in the class, once all was said and done. It would then become time for the main event, where both divisions would come together. Travis Pine would do what was necessary to get himself into the lead; hitting the right shifting points, and holding the throttle on a bit longer than anyone else, to narrowly edge his way into the lead. That is, after the unfortunate circumstance in which occurred to Drew Adams, who would hold the lead, but finish with a DNF. Pine would be there as a recipient, taking full advantage of the opportunity. With Diesel Thomas nipping at his heels, the two would pull away from the pack substantially; as Jesse Parks, would reside in the third place spot. And with that highly touted moto win, Pine would sweep the field off their feet; taking the championship in the process. Parks would be second, and Diesel Thomas, would bring all of Nebraska with him on the last step of the podium.