Looking through this particular roster of names, the 85cc (9-12) year old division as a whole, was one that was absolutely stacked with talent. No matter what position or heat race you were looking at, you could find a whole host of names that were truly in contention for a race win. A relic though, amongst them all, was that of Krystian Janik. Hailing from Illinois, he would come to Oklahoma for one thing, and one thing only; and it was that of a championship. Throughout practice, he would stand out to a degree; with much of the competition, knowing that he would be front-runner, prior to the gate even falling. Yet for riders like Jeremy Fappani, Dilon Blecha, and Casey Cochran, they too felt as though they could content once the dust settled. Janik would make his way into the lead early, setting down a pace that few could match over the course of the moto. No matter which particular corner or rhythm section, it was the Kawasaki of Janik who would execute it flawlessly. His veteran-like charisma wouldn’t go unnoticed, and he would race in a swift manner all the way to the checkered flag. Meanwhile, Dilon Blecha and Thomas Wood would battle hard for third place; with the KTM of Blecha, walking away with second. With Wood, James Clough, and Zayden Mason rounding out the top five, all eyes would now be focused on that of division number two. Casey Cochran would absolutely fly off the starting gate to begin this particular race, with Jeremy Fappani and Kade Johnson right alongside him. The three would dart around this Ponca City raceway, hitting the jumps in tandem at times. Fappani and Cochran would be the ones to pull away though, as Casey would appear to hold the lead until the final lap. The pace these two were putting on was absolutely insane; and it would be showcased with their final result, as Fappani would take the win, and Cochran, would push forward across the line in second. Johnson and Kyleigh Stallings, would take third and fourth respectively. Janik would leave absolutely zero question as to who was the dominant force; with a lead that would grow substantially every lap, to begin the runoff moto. Fappani would be in tow, looking to capitalize on any mistake that Janik would make, and Blecha would run third. However, one thing of note, would occur with that of Casey Cochran, near the midpoint of the moto. The young man from Florida would actually set the fastest lap, in traffic! Pushing his way into the fourth place spot. Third would be occupied by that of Blecha, and Fappani would remain second. Janik, simply couldn’t be touched; putting the Kawasaki into the first place spot yet again. Blecha would be designated as the third place overall finisher, Fappani would earn second, and Janik, would simply add another title to the mantle; doing what was needed, to keep his winning reputation alive.