KADE JOHNSON - 65cc (10-11)


As the elder statesmen of the 65cc division would walk to the starting line, many in the field knew that there days of competition on these respective machines were coming to a close; yet, for these older riders, they aspired to make a lasting impression on the racetrack and fans of Ponca City, Oklahoma. As the tractors and dozers would continue to work the track off in the distance, many riders on the gate would watch with stoic expression; monitoring the condition of the track, and how it would change even to the slightest degree. The bikes would be started and revved shortly thereafter, with smells of race gas looming near the starting area. As the field would go up in a pile of smoke, one rider would emerge over all; and it was that of the number 177, Yamaha’s Kade Johnson. A rider who was poised with intellectual ability and methodical riding style, he would attempt to pivot around the Ponca City track with exceptional calculation. Every rut, jump, and braking bump, would be tackled at a certain angle; making sure to conserve energy in the process, and run through the first moto with absolute efficiency. Meanwhile, a fellow Yamaha competitor, that of New Jersey’s Canyon Richards, would continue to push from behind; even setting the fastest laptime in the process! Throwing down the rather quick circuit on the final go-around, left no one to question his stamina and willpower to succeed. Ohio’s Blake Pressdee, would sprint across the checkered flag in third, as Colt Golembeski would retain fourth, and Vermont’s Cole Gray, would finish fifth. For the second portion of racing action, it would once again be the Yamaha tandem out front; with Kade Johnson executing the start with exceptional expertise. Richards would follow suit, understanding that he couldn’t let Johnson out of his grasp. The two would seemingly morph into a battle of their own, one becoming a mirror image of the other. Richards would muscle his way through the ruts, as they were becoming rather deep on the backside of the track. Standing when necessary, he was using his legs as an extra set of springs; aiding the forks and shock, with the help that they needed. Johnson meanwhile, would carve the smoothest lines on the track; running the border of the layout when necessary, and prolonging his energy tank for the duration of the moto. Reminiscent of a rider like Ken Roczen, the way the number 177 was attacking this track, almost seemed effortless. Continuing with an insurmountable pace, the two “Blu Cru” members would walk away from the field, with Texas’ Kannon Hargrove pushing to the highest degree in third. Johnson’s number 177 machine would do what was necessary to take the top spot; while Richards two-two performance, would leave the silver medal draped around his neck. And Kannon Hargrave, pushing until the bitter end in third, would show tremendous heart and perseverance, on his way to third overall; as the class would put their stamp, on the 2019 MotoPlayground Race.