DANNYN REED - 65cc (10-11) LIMITED


As the historic grounds of Ponca City Raceway would be declared for racing action yet again, it was though the competition would come by the hundreds; in order to claim their bid as a champion, at the prestigious MotoPlayground Race. Offering classes of all shapes and sizes, one in particular that the crowd would have their attention focused on, would be that of the 65cc (10-11) Limited class. Although the class would offer only stock machinery, the speeds that these riders were amassing, would be truly astonishing. Taking the opening green flag first, would be that of Dannyn Reed; as he aspired to blitz away from the field. Keeping him honest though, was that of Blake Pressdee; who would hold down the second position with a fierce grip. Moving up through the pack ever so steadily, would be Florida’s Colt Golembeski; who could see the leaders out front, as he noticed through his peripheral vision. A four lap sprint of sorts, it would be Utah’s Reed who looked to take the win. He was portraying a rather offensive style, using forward momentum and locomotion to inch forward; rather than hoist his thoughts on the defensive end, hoping to hold Pressdee off. All seemed to be well and intact, until the number 170 would throw down an astonishing 2:08 laptime; leaving all in attendance, absolutely stunned! A combatant with fierce intensity, he would ring the throttle of the number 170 for all it had as he jolted into the lead. Though Reed, wasn’t a rider who could be shaken; and would latch onto the aforementioned with all of his might. Golembeski had pushed his way into third as well, leaving nothing left to chance, over Missouri’s Oliver Kamp. That would be the final running order, with Pressdee taking the win, Reed second, Golembeski third, and Kamp, holding strong in fourth. Dannyn Reed’s memo wasn’t one to mess around, and he would continue to assert his presence at the front of the field. Getting out to an early lead, would only make racing matters that much easier; and he felt the anticipation of a championship growing ever so steadily as the checkered flag would grow nearer. Colt Golembeski would keep Reed honest for the entire moto; never once losing sight of the number forty-four. Austin Camden, making the trek all the way from California, would have to deal with a multitude of pressure; as much of it would be cast, from that of Blake Pressdee, who would storm from ninth, into the fourth place spot. With Canyon Richards rounding out the top five for this particular moto, the system of scorers would have little configuring to do once all was said and done. Putting on one of his best performances of the year, Dannyn Reed would show no mercy to the field as he walked away with first overall. Golembeski, claiming second, would be congratulatory to those around him, and Ohio’s Blake Pressdee, would showcase his true talents in the third overall spot.