The eerie sea of blue would come crashing to the gate for that of the 51cc (4-6) Shaft Drive Limited Class. The sights and sounds of a tranquil waterway were beginning to become an after thought, as the tide would roll into that of the numerous steel brackets. One machine after another, the Yamaha brand would assert utter dominance, as the gate would fall for the first moto of racing action. As the field would take the green flag circuit, names like Axel Ward, Ryder Lane, Cooper Jennings, and Bryson Howell would come across the line toward the brink of the frontier. Pellets of roost would be thrown from an array of rear tire tread, as the top four would seemingly dodge each other for a series of bends. Ward, commanding an early lead, would force the surrounding field to “ante up” per se, setting the fastest laptime in the process. The aforementioned Lane, Jennings, and Howell, would be more than happy to accept the challenge; doing their best, to fight through the torrential challenges this Ponca track presented. With frames nearly dragging the ground, as the PW machines powered through the deepening ruts, it was a matter of momentum, with the checkered flag flying near. Axel, still holding strong out front, would take an ever so subtle glance over his shoulder, to see who it was behind. It was that of Ryder Lane, keeping him honest, as the actuality of the black and white flag would wave in the distance. Ward, garnering a four second lead at the final stripe, would lead that of Ryder Lane, Cooper Jennings (third), and Bryson Howell (fourth), across the line respectively. The field would be lassoed and bundled together once again for their final showing of the week, as Bryson Howell would take the initial lead on the field. Powering through the amassing braking bumps with eye-opening standing technique, the way he would squeeze the shrouds with his leg musculature was simply phenomenal; mimicking that of Eli Tomac or Ken Roczen, while aboard his Yamaha 50cc machine. Howell, now battling back and forth with that of Ryder Lane, would find himself within the midst of a chess match; plotting their moves accordingly, to see who could capture first place. With a valiant effort by both, it was that of Ryder Lane making his way into the lead at the halfway point. Twisting the throttle for all it had, his lead would grow ever so steadily, on the likes of Howell, Jennings, and Axel Ward who sat fourth. All within the parameters of a ten-second window, the competition was truly neck and neck, vying with furious intent as they attempted to lunge through the finish line section. It would be the number ninety-seven taking the moto win this time around, with Howell, Jennings, and Axel Ward in tow. As the scores would be configured, all riders in the class would be acknowledged for their distinguished efforts on this challenging course; leaving it all on the raceway, as the top three overall would be listed as Ryder Lane (first), Axel Ward (second), and Bryson Howell, (third).