With this class designated as the, “Open Division”, every competitor who threw their name into the hat, understood what was at stake. No matter what brand, meticulous tuning specifications, or respective age of a fellow racer, the race to the checkered would be all that mattered. A truly “open” playing field, would leave no question, as to who the top riders of 50cc machinery were, as competitors salivated at the thought of another championship being on the line. With the attendance of this year’s event absolutely skyrocketing, this class too, would have to be broken up into respective divisions. Classified into respective three lap heats, the first of the day would offer an array of competitors, vying heavily for a notorious first moto victory. With that of Tayce Morgan putting his machine out front early, the field would be forced to rise to the occasion, otherwise they would be left behind. Taigan Andrews would immediately mirror that of the number 810 out front; with Mavrick Gish, just behind in third. The three would terrorize the Ponca City Raceway, throwing roost dozen’s of feet off the track, and into the crowd, as they absolutely blasted the lush power-berms on the outskirts of the course. Lap after lap, they would dice it up, leaving it all on the line. Gish, the Oklahoman on the move, would do all in his power to solidify himself as “king.” Pressurizing that of both Morgan and Andrews, he would leapfrog his way into first place, leaving nothing to guess as the number 997 took the race win. With Andrews and Morgan taking second and third, respectively, they would await on the sidelines to see who join them, following the conclusion of heat race number two. It was that of Colt Martin and Brayton Kreglow getting out to a fast start for the second portion of competition, as Travis Johnsmeyer attempted to wade through the back. Martin and Kreglow would begin to joust heavily; repeatedly throwing themselves into harms way in order to lock down their respective positions. Keeping the throttle pinned through the absolute grotesque braking bump section, there was no stopping the chassis from dancing side to side; yet, through sheer will and fearlessness, they would topple the toughest of matters, in tandem-like fashion. Martin would move his way into the lead with one lap to go, setting the fastest laptime in the process. There was no mistaking who would be a dominant force, as the main event would loom near; with Kreglow, and Johnsmeyer, rounding out the top three. The outlier of sorts, would exemplify dominance for that of the main event; with Brody Moss, putting his number 710 Cobra machine in front of everyone else. The Arizona native would simply be on fire, powering the Cobra through all sorts of ruts and changing soil conditions. Pushing his way past the of Travis Johnsmeyer, who would hold the lead for quite sometime, the two would be bar-to-bar over the course of four laps. Mavrik Gish, now third, would look to join them as well; poking his front fender into the equation, as the white flag would come out. Moss, doing what was necessary to take a daunting win of sorts, would be just ahead of Johnsmeyer and Mavrik Gish at the checkered flag; leaving the overall score with a lucrative algorithm of point totals. Wrapping it all up, it would be that of Mavrik taking the championship with a one-three tally; followed by Johnsmeyer second, and Florida’s Brayton Kreglow, a noteworthy third.