The slightly “speedier” machines would be hitting the track for this respective division, as the MotoPlayground race would be underway for the likes of the 51cc (4-6) Special Limited Division. Littering the course with Cobra’s, KTM’s, and the occasional Yamaha, these 50cc machines would run rampant as they stormed into the flat’s of Oklahoma on this particular October weekend. Signifying their initiation of racing sequencing, mechanics would hoist the rear end of the respective 50cc chassis into the air, while the riders would twist the throttle; clearing out the motor one final time as the rear wheel would spin with pure fury. Shortly after, the gate would crash to the ground, and the field would scurry to the first corner. Jamming into the initial bend, each rider would respectively fight for their position; elbowing and banging bars when necessary; in a no-holds barred effort. Hitting the registry of timing and scoring initially, would be that of Jet Capps, Alan Scott, Kayky De Pinho, and Talon Hill; blending together as a specific unit. Each competition would be clawing at one another, hoping that their efforts would land them in a higher spot throughout the running order. At times, the field would be two and three wide; as this pristine Ponca Raceway, would offer a wide variety of racing lines. Capps, on the number 222 machine, would appear to be blitzing away from the crowd initially; however, it was that of De Pinho, who would close the gap over the course of time. All of the sudden, it was Capps who could hear something ringing throughout the depths of his ear drum; at first, pushing the warning signal to the wayside. However, as time would pass, the sound would become ever-so prominent; forcing him to take a quick glance behind; and he would be welcomed by a scary sight, as the number fifty machine would be just alongside his rear fender. The two would battle furiously until the flag would fly; as Capps would do enough to hold off that of the valiant De Pinho. With Scott and Talon Hill rounding out that of the top four, the second moto would provide a platform of excellency, for all in the crowd to see. De Pinho knew the memo for this specific portion of racing, knowing that he couldn’t mess around, if he hoped to win the overall. Immediately, he would burst into the lead; letting the Cobra roar throughout the flatlands of the Sooner State. Attempting to barrel away from the crowd, Capps understood that he would have to latch on; putting every ounce of effort, into staying glued on the rear wheel of the the number fifty. Neck and neck, the two would be separated by inches as they gravitated toward the stripe. Jumping as far as possible, De Pinho’s rear shock could be seen using every bit of travel as he propelled to the checkered flag. The two would be pushing the limits, yet riders like Gavin Mccoy, Talon Hill, and Alan Scott, would keep them honest to round out the top five. The checkered flag would conclude this particular moto, with De Pinho doing enough to solidify himself as champion; as Capps, and Mccoy, would round out the top three.