With the hissing of Cobra’s becoming ever-so apparent, the field of these respective 50cc riders would slowly work their way to the gate. A division, absolutely stacked with talent, would have a surplus of competitors eagerly awaiting their chance to conquer this particular Ponca City track. The gate would be full, with both riders and mechanics clinching their fists in anticipation; as the referee would signify their departure from the starting line. And just like that, the field would take off in an instant, for heat number one. It was that of Levi Rains taking command of the field, after Cooper Jennings would lead for a portion of time. The number eighty-one Cobra rider would be overwhelmed with excitement; portraying a blend of style and speed as he powered around this Ponca City track. Pushing to the highest degree, he would ride the line of danger, but continue to remain calm while the field would roar behind him. He knew he would be a marked-man of sorts, but welcomed the spotlight; knowing that he would fare well, even under intense pressure. With Aiden Mckiddie hot on his heels, Rains understood that he would have to leave it all on the line in order to capture the checkered flag. He would complete the task with flying colors; showing all in attendance, his raw ability and skillset aboard the motorcycle. With Rains, Mckiddie, and Campbell taking the top three for this heat, the crowd would then gather the fence-line to see who would emerge as victor for division number two. Filled to the brim with substantial competition, it would be that of Eidan Steinbrecher putting his number twenty-four machine out front; leaving nothing to chance, as he pulled away from the field. With stellar competition just behind, it would be that of Jaydin Smart, and Bode Bradford rounding out the top three, keeping Steinbrecher in their sights, as they migrated toward the end of the four-lap brigade. Steinbrecher would receive the honors of winner with flying colors; leaving no-one to mistake, who the dominant force was in the division. They would all come together for that of the second moto, as the field of forty would barrel into first few corners. Showcasing death-defying speeds, everyone in this particular class would be racing the track with jaw-dropping antics; yet, it was that of Steinbrecher, Bradford, De Pinho, and Jet Capps, breaking away inside the top four. The field would be unquestionably talented, yet, it was that of Eidan Steinbrecher who would capture the win. Displaying an applaud-worthy one-one performance, would have him walking away from the Ponca City grounds as champion; with Texas’ Bode Bradford locking down the silver medal position, and Pennsylvania’s Kayky De Pinho, third. Eidan Steinbrecher, who was absolutely stoked on the win, would only become hungrier after he received his first place award; hoping, that this would be one of many, for numerous races and years to come.