After a couple of moto wins at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship at the beginning of August, Travis Schneider was primed and ready to get his hands on a number one plate at the Baja Brawl. The New Yorker made the trip around the Great Lakes over to Michigan and he entered to compete in both the 51cc (4-8) Open Limited and 51cc (7-8) Limited classes, additionally getting his feet wet in the 65cc (7-9) Limited division as well. Schneider got some solid experience in the older division with a trio of finishes just outside of the top ten, improving his speed and comfortability every time he hit the track. It was an entirely different story in the 51cc divisions as the Cobra rider won half of the motos that he contested, managing to snag a couple of podium finishes as well. Schneider was poised for a potential title in the 51cc (4-8) Open Limited class with 1st and 3rd place finishes in the first two motos, but an unfortunate and uncharacteristic 11th place in the third and final moto brought down his overall result to 5th position. Nonetheless, the youngster out of New York state remained undeterred in the 51cc (7-8) Limited, keeping his focus directed towards a championship. Schneider started things off with a moto one win in his respective Heat, pushing forward from a 3rd place start as he set the fastest lap of the race on his way to victory. In the second moto, he was locked in a tight battle for the win throughout the entirety of the four-lapper and ended up coming away with 2nd position, setting up a grand finale in the third and final moto. Schneider did exactly what he needed to do as he claimed an early lead, carrying it all the way to the checkered flag on his way to the 51cc (7-8) Limited title