Dan Petrie was one of the many Michigan locals to turn up at the 2020 Baja Brawl in Millington, registering to race in both the Vet (30+) and Vet (35+) classes. The Kawasaki rider demonstrated some seriously consistent performances over the course of Labor Day Weekend, finishing all six of the motos that he entered on the podium. In the Vet (30+) division, the Petrie Trucking backed competitor earned 2-2-3 moto scores on his way to a solid 2nd place overall, steadily building his speed race by race. In the Vet (35+) division, Petrie immediately took control of the title hunt with a win in the first moto, accumulating a gap of more than ten seconds between the gate drop and the checkered flag. The Kawasaki rider continued to execute his gameplan to perfection in the second moto as he led the race from start to finish yet again, clocking the fastest lap of the race by nearly three seconds on his way to a commanding victory. In the third and final moto, Petrie rode with veteran composure and took the sensible route, knowing that he only needed 2nd position to earn the number one plate. He backed off the throttle just a little bit compared to his pace in the previous motos, settling for the runner-up position in the moto on his way to an impressive championship in the Vet (35+) class.