Kade Nightingale was riding a wave of confidence after he grabbed a title and an overall podium finish at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship at the beginning of August. One month later, the Oklahoma native made the journey to the Baja Brawl and was primed to do some more damage in the 51cc (4-6) Limited and Mini-E classes, demonstrating the same form and level of competition that he did at the Ranch. Nightingale also mixed it up against older and more experienced competition in the 51cc (4-8) Limited class, achieving an impressive 7th place overall finish. Otherwise, the Cobra Elite rider was completely flawless in the other two classes that he entered as he came away with a total of six moto wins at the end of the weekend. Nightingale has been fast in the Mini-E classes for the entirety of 2020 and things were no different at the Brawl as he led every single lap of competition while setting the pace the entire time. The rider out of Oklahoma was multiple seconds per lap faster than the other podium
contenders and walked away with the number one plate, repeating the same feat in the 51cc (4-6) Limited class by an even more impressive margin. Nightingale showcased the same level of domination throughout the three moto format as he came away with three convincing victories, leading from the gate drop to the checkered flag while claiming two out of three fastest laps as well. As the Cobra rider gets geared up for The Motoplayground Race at Ponca City, he’ll be eager to hunt down some more championships in his home state.