The Cobra brand would once again succeed, in its quest to overflow that of the 50cc (7-8) Limited division. From one end of the spectrum, to the complete opposite side, the aforementioned machine would fill the gate; with eager competitors saddled aboard the chassis, itching to tear into this pristine Loretta Lynn’s track. Set to battle things out, over the course of three strenuous race’s, were riders like Gauge Brown, Colt Martin, and Brayton Kreglow. Absolutely packed to the brim with talent, families and sponsor’s alike watched with anticipation while the field darted into the first corner. Martin was the first to take the green flag, powering his way through the double, double section, and through the subtle left bend to follow. Brown would be just on his tail, dodging the roost from the forty-seven machine, all the while keeping throttle absolutely pinned. Sprinting across the straightaway adjacent to the billboard, you could see the rear-end of the motorcycle swapping from side to side. Yet, Brown displayed immense strength, ducking into the following corner, and blitzing past the mechanic’s area. Meanwhile, Brayton Kreglow would creep into the third place residency; looking ahead, and seeing both competitors that were previously noted. Martin’s resiliency would stay true, ahead of both Brown and Kreglow; finishing ahead of fellow competitors, as the checkered flag would fly. Moto number two though, would have an entirely different story; with New York’s Travis Schneider, throwing his name into the mix for race-winning contention. Steadfast and strong in the lead, Schneider could sense that Brown was working his way through the field. Yet, his vision focused straight ahead; penetrating the likes of the foreground ahead of him, and looking forward to taking the checkered flag in stride. Hitting the outside of the final corner, Schneider would lead all six laps in the process, finishing strong against Gauge Brown, and Colt Martin, third. The stage had been set for the last episode of this three race series; and again, Travis Schneider looked to continue his patter from the previous bout. Moving into the lead, while passing Brayton Kreglow, and never looking back. Kreglow, would hold strong into second, persevering through both lap traffic, and hazardous conditions. Brown, although starting ninth, would work his way to third. And Colt Martin, demonstrated the staying power, to place into fourth. And as the final scores were accumulated, it would be Gauge Brown, designated as overall champion! Martin and Kreglow would take their respective spots on the podium, relishing in the moment, but eyeing redemption for the year of 2021.