Few, if any, times in history have riders of 50cc categorization been allowed to race multiple categories within the division. However, as the season of 2020 would present a series of classes, so too would come an all new rule set. The Mini-E (4-6) Jr. division, allowed riders such as Kade Nightingale, Jaydin Smart, and Anderson Waldele to all meet up; bringing the winner’s of multiple division’s together, to congregate in a newfound class of sorts. For the first moto, Nightingale could be seen attempting to blitz away from the field. Railing various berms around the track, it was easy to spot him hitting the fastest and smoothest lines; doing all he could, to power through with efficiency. Not to be discredited, Jaydin Smart would absolutely storm through the field from a lucrative fifteenth place start; weaving through most portions of traffic, as if they were standing still. Jeter Ramirez would do much the same, pushing forward from tenth, to seventh, and eventually third. Smart on the other hand, would climb all the way to second; leaving only Nightingale at the top, as the field rolled into the second moto. In this particular instance, Waldele pushed ahead into the lead; reminiscent, of what he showcased in the “PW” class. Showcasing his abilities well inside the top three, it would be that of both Nightingale and Smart working their way around. A trio of extremely talented riders, the stage would then be set for the final moto, in the coming days. All bets were on, for this particular instance. Nightingale acted as the “tip of the sword” as he moved past Nightingale once and for all. And while battling in the lead, it would be both Waldele and Ramirez pushing into third and fourth. All within twenty-seconds of one another, this pack was rather dense and confined; pushing the pace, to the absolute bitter end. The track had grown grotesque, and you could see the chassis of these KTM machine’s taking an absolute pounding as the laps would accumulate. The summarization of the four circuits, had Smart taking his number forty-two machine to victory lane. Nightingale, would be pushed into the second place ride, generating a round of applause from the crowd. Anderson Waldele, had infiltrated third, and Ramirez, fourth. Once all scores had been tallied, the final docket on the roster would have Nightingale first, Smart second, and Waldele in the bronze medal spot; marking an end to the class, that appeared to be a sign of things to come in the future.