With Cobra’s hissing all throughout the facility here at Loretta Lynn’s, it wasn’t easy identifying as to who the “top competitor” might be. Throughout practice, there were oodles of riders blitzing around the track, hitting jumps that unfathomable, despite being on 50cc machinery. However, when viewing the lists of timing and scoring, names like Jaydin Smart, Kade Nightingale, and Alan Scott were amongst the fastest. It appeared as though the series of race’s to come, would be of extraordinary proportions. For the first portion of racing action, Oklahoma’s Kade Nightingale would push the number forty machine around the circuit in the lead. Showing an outpouring of aggression, Jaydin Smart would be just behind in tow. The two had really distanced themselves from the field, flowing through each section mere seconds from one another. Smart, still in second, would try an abundance of different lines; doing everything in his power, to get around the previously mentioned number forty. Yet, it was to no avail, and the two would look to settle the score at another time. Nightingale would claim first, with Smart second, and Scott, third. Jaydin Smart sought revenge in the second round, however, putting his Cobra into the lead and forcing the field to quarrel amongst themselves. Hitting each braking bump with reckless aggression, Smart displayed absolutely no fear or hesitancy, when plowing ahead to the checkered flag. Running a daunting 2:43 lap time, Nightingale and Jeter Ramirez (third) looked to blanket the lead in which he constructed. Smart though, had built a wall of confidence that couldn’t be infiltrated. Taking the win in stellar fashion, Nightingale, and Ramirez would round out the top three. Fast forwarding to the last outing of the class, both camp’s of Nightingale and Smart, appeared to know what was at stake. Once agreeing on “letting the best man win” the two team’s would show plenty of respect, as the gate crashed to the ground. Championship matters were amplified, when the race would begin. Smart would push his way to the front, with Nightingale seemingly lunging into his peripheral vision at times. Neck and neck, the two would display a battle for the ages; leaving no-one to assume, their heart and determination while rounding this difficult circuit. And at the end of this finale, it would be Smart, narrowly edging out that of Nightingale. And as Levi Rains would take the third spot, the award ceremony would list Smart as champion, Nightingale as runner-up, and Scott third.