SETH DENNIS - 65cc (10-11) LIMITED


With a plethora of championship contenders throwing their name into the hat, for this particular class, those watching from the sidelines were yearning with anticipation; to see who would move forward next, and complete the event as an overall title holder. In practice, oodles of speed would erupt from the preconceived front-runners; and riders like Seth Dennis, Canyon Richards, and Vincent Wey appeared to be delegated to the notion of winning. Yet, it was the number ninety-three who assembled the entirety of his skillset, while valiantly storming away from the field who attempted to surround him. Administering a startling circuit time on lap three, he volleyed ahead of Canyon Richards, and Deacon Denno who sat second and third. The KTM out front, would hardly collect a speckle of dirt while plunging forward to the finish line. Doubling his way through the “Ten Commandments” the way Dennis would flow through the middle portion of track was truly exceptional; pulling away from serious competition, as the clock struck zero. Taking a first moto win, would set the stage in the moments to come; with Canyon Richards second, and the aforementioned Denno, third. Next on the docket of events, would be the second portion of racing action. Again, it was though the agenda of the ninety-three, was to duplicate what he just enacted; creating a mirroring effect, of what was previously presented. Canyon Richards meanwhile, was steadily beginning to creep to the rear wheel of the Floridian; yet, wasn’t able to make the move. Vincent Wey, had made his presence known in the top three, pushing into unbeknownst territory for the first time. All three riders were presenting a daunting pace, and speed that could be matched by few others in the starting area. Now with only a few corners to go, again, Dennis knew that he’d clenched a much needed win. He held the “Key to the Championship” within his grasp, with Richards just behind, and Wey, concluding the summarization of the top three. All systems were “A Go” for that of moto number three, and Dennis would place himself into an optimal position to succeed. Holding onto the first place position until lap eight, it seemed as though the race win would be granted to him. But he could feel the pressure from Canyon Richards amounting. And although Richards would garner the moto victory, Dennis knew he won the war. Declared as the overall victor, Richards would be found in second, while Deacon Denno tallied third.