An all-out “Slugfest” would come to light in the Masters 50+ class, with Barry Carsten, Kevin Walker, and Mike Treadwell, vying to hold the championship at the conclusion of the week. It would all begin, around midmorning on Tuesday. Kevin Walker, emerged with the lead, looking to pick up where left off, nearly a decade ago. The first five laps, were a mirror image of his dominance in the past; holding the throttle wide-open, with his classic “elbows down” riding style. Carsten meanwhile, remained steady in second, hooding the leader with a presence that couldn’t be replicated. Lap after lap, the Suzuki tandem (along with Treadwell) blitzed away from the field. Yet in the final moments, Walker would make a crucial mistake; letting Carsten walk away with the victory, Treadwell moving forward to the silver medal slot, and the eighty-five of Walker, claiming a rightful position of third. All in attendance knew that it would be a conundrum of sorts in the second go-around, with the top-three most certain to shuffle, for this seven-lap brigade. Kevin Walker took the field by storm, with Carsten in tow, and Mike Treadwell rounding out the top three. Staying relatively single-file in this order, Walker would blast through the “Bermuda Triangle”; the last turn on the raceway, absolutely filled with ruts, causing many riders to crash throughout the week. Yet Walker, as steadfast as they come, seemed to flow through the course with ease. Carsten would do all in his power to contain the Tennessee native, keeping him honest, even in the latter moments. Yet, it was to no avail, with Kevin Walker taking his first victory in ages. Meanwhile Barry Carsten understood what was now at stake in the final moto, with Mike Treadwell, consistent as they come in the third place ride. The gun’s would then fire, signaling the beginning of racing sequences for round number three; where Kevin Walker wasted no time in assembling his riding repertoire, to push toward the front of the pack. Presenting an immaculate 2:05 circuit time, he would establish a bit of cushion over KTM’s Mike Treadwell. Continuing to reiterate that sort of riding style, his gap would be sufficient to hold onto the lead. Barry Carsten, wanting to contend for the overall championship, was nestled into third. And with that final win, Walker would be granted another title; adding to his list of accolades, that he’d generated all throughout his career.