The stars of tomorrow, had now bridged the gap between the automatic and manual transmission machines. One of the largest “jumps” a rider can make throughout their respective career, many in the selection of elite prospects, appeared to be well on their way to extremely high accolades in the years to come. Names like Pine, Harris, and Ellis, were all recognizable by those in the crowd. With similar speed and talent possessed by all, it was anyone’s guess as to whom would be the overall victor, once all three race’s had ceased. Beginning matters with authority, it would be the “Texas Tandem” of Darren Pine and Chris Harris, blazing a trail for everyone to follow. Harris, who would set the fastest circuit time on lap number two, appeared to have control of the herd that followed. Yet, Pine wasn’t abiding that easily; scouring the track for ways to make his way around, and finding a pristine line to venture ahead of the number twelve. It would occur, making his way around on lap number six, never looking back. Harris, although agitated, held it together on the podium; gracious in defeat, but ready to avenge his loss in the following go-around. Gage Dunham, persistent as one could be, would take third. They would amass again for moto number two, and Harris would again pace the field, looking for others to make their way around. He was steadfast in his first place residency, but competitors like Darren Pine and Ryder Ellis weren’t making it easy, by any means. Pine would then transfer into second with only one lap to go, as Ryder Ellis had now surged forward as well. Darren’s pace had substantially risen, but Ellis looked capable to hold him off. However, in the final moments, Pine would astonishingly propel forward! He’d done it, setting him up perfectly for the third moto, while Ellis took second, and the Cobra of Harris, third. Pine knew what was at stake for the last go-around, therefore you could see that his demeanor was rather calculated. The premise of his riding style was extremely sound; hitting every rut, corner, and braking bump, with a degree smoothness that wasn’t too often found. Ellis would capitalize, taking the lead and running away with it, all the way to the checkered flag. Harris pushed forward as the laps would cease, pushing his way into a silver medal outcome, as Ellis took the gold. However, Pine would stand atop the podium at the award ceremony. Ecstatic as one could be, knowing that all of his hard work had paid off.