They say consistency results in stellar rewards, and much was the case for that of the 250 C class, for this year’s Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championship. Not too often, will you find that of the “consistency” mantra synonymous with the novice division, yet, riders like Anthony Castaneda and Albert Haberle IV demonstrated exceptional qualities on their trek through this three moto format. It would be quest that none of this renders had ever faced, an expenditure of astronomical proportions, with fame and glory residing at the finish line, that had only been dreamt about. Fast-forwarding to the first race of the week, it was that of Lux Turner who chiseled his way through the field. Etching his respective pathway, with the tread of his Yamaha 250F machine. One position after another, he would accumulate in a consecutive manner, looking to his summit at the otherwise known, checkered flag. Meanwhile Anthony Castaneda would finish second, a solid ride in all regard. And Albert Haberle IV, tallying third. For the second edition, it was Gabriel Goettler pushing ahead and leading the field. The South Carolina native would present exquisite marksmanship, hitting each line with outright speed and a condition of balance that could hardly be mimicked. Anthony Castaneda would find a way to dig through the pack in the meantime; working his way steadily, from tenth position. Albert Haberle too, would demonstrate a riding manner that had the fans applauding with enthusiasm. And at the conclusion of this eight lap extravaganza, it would be Goettler, Castaneda, and Haberle rounding out the podium. The three were exhausted, but you could see that Castaneda, Haberle, and even Jacob Henry, knew they had fared well for the overall championship. It would all come down to that everlasting moto on Friday; where the outright designation of “King” would then be labeled to some manner of the crowd. Once the gate would fall, Jacob Henry took aim toward the pinnacle of the field; looking to demoralize those around him, while pushing the number fifteen to an astounding pace. He would continue to lead as the laps would pass, while Lux Turner pushed to second, and Albert Haberle, stayed consistent in the top three. Finishing in that order, Haberle had done enough to secure the overall championship! As Anthony Castaneda tallied second, it was Jacob Henry in third; with each rider displaying one hundred percent, to conclude the week’s festivities.