One of the most highly touted riders at the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National, was that of Haiden Deegan. Engulfed with a cult-like following, the young man from California had amassed attention that baffled many, even those on the professional level. With the “weight of the world” on his back so to speak, Deegan knew he had to perform throughout the course of this three-moto format. And he would rise to the occasion, as you may have presumed. Taking the green flag in stride, Deegan propelled past the likes of Thomas Wood, Logan Best, and Krystian Janik. The cast that trailed him embodied the idea of speed and style as well, making it no easy task, in regard to Deegan carrying the torch throughout this ten-lap brigade. Best would creep forward, putting the Yamaha into a silver medal running by the time the halfway point would arise, with Kristian Janik’s Kawasaki now relishing into third. Deegan meanwhile, would get indication from his mechanic; that he’d done enough to secure the victory, if he could stay upright. Presenting a championship-like demeanor, Deegan nodded with certainty when rolling to podium proximity; garnering another victory, to add to the myriad of win’s that were previously generated. Best meanwhile, would claim second, with Krystian Janik, third. In the days to come, the pack assembled yet again to see who would emerge victorious. Deegan, salivated at the thought of securing another win; with Best, looking to disrupt the esteem of the California native. Best would absolutely fly throughout the opening portions of the race, blistering through the “Ten Commandments," with both a rhythmic hopping and seat-bouncing technique that wowed many in the industry tower. Unfortunately though, a mistake would arise on lap four, and Deegan secured the lead in the process. Janik meanwhile was shuffled amongst the trio, holding down second as the final flag neared. And with the referee stepping out of finish-line booth, all signs would indicate a ceasing of the moto. With that matter coming to fruition, Deegan would generate first, Janik second, Casey Cochran third, and Logan Best fourth. The question arose for round number three: Could, Haiden Deegan sweep the field? We most certainly would find out, once the steel brackets crashed to the ground. Putting his KTM in the strongest position to succeed, there would be little question as to how well he would fare by the end of the moto. With Logan Best behind him keeping him honest, Krystian Janik would follow the leaders in stride, receiving third as the final flag would wave. Deegan, with his trio of race win’s, left little question as to who the dominant force was. As Logan Best resided in the runner-up spot, and the Kawasaki of Janik tallying third overall.