LUKE FAUSER - 85cc (10-12) LIMITED


With forty-two riders even on stock machinery, much of the industry was curious to see who would relish in the championship spotlight, as the class would conclude on Friday. Riders like Luke Fauser, Drew Adams, and Landen Gordon seemed well on the path to success; as the green flag would wave for the opening moto. Fauser, would sky above the turning triple, just after the finish line. Up and over the adjacent step-up, he landed on the gas each and every lap, powering down the straightaway beside the billboard, and into the hooking left-hander that followed. Battling in simultaneous fashion with Drew Adams, the two would toggle the handling of the lead; with Fauser making the move stick, near the halfway point. Meanwhile it was Landen Gordon clawing through the field, pushing his early position of fifth to the wayside, and edging his way into podium contention with the clock winding down. A slight mistake for Adams in the final laps, would have Gordon now pushing into a second-place residency; with Fauser taking an outright win, and Adams rounding out the top three respectively. For the second slate of action, it was the number eighty of Landen Gordon looking to break away from the field. Yet Fauser, knew he had to be contained; pushing his way into the lead, with Drew Adams and Alvin Hillan following suit. Those four, would obliterate the track beneath them, leaping through “StoryLand” with valiant speed, into the following rhythm section with witty style as well. Fauser had a charge for the ages, in the following segments; doing enough, to contain the number two Kawasaki, while Alvin Hillan too would infiltrate the top three. The stopwatch then indicated a conclusion to this race, with the final tally of Fauser, Adams, Hillan, and Gordon, glued together for the final four. The platform for the last outing had been set; and Fauser had been placed in an optimal position, to secure the relic of a number-one plate. As the field blasted forward during the late morning hours of Friday, Luke understood what was necessary to obtain the outright title. Yet Adams, and Temmerman, were doing all in their power to yield him from being granted the title of “King.” Drew Adams, was simply flying out front. Leading all ten laps in the process, of earning another gold medal. Temmerman would make the move on Fauser in the early going, residing second, and pushing the Pennsylvanian to third. However, once every score had been combined, it was the forty-six machine of Luke Fauser who would accrue yet another championship for the week! Absolutely overwhelmed with excitement, all three riders in the top three overall standing (Fauser, Adams, and Hillan) were congratulatory of one another, and eager to meet again in the coming months.