Not too often do previous champion’s register their number one machine, in the class throughout consecutive seasons. Yet for this particular showing, the number one of Nicholas Hayes would return to the ranch yet again for 2020; following a spectacular outing during his 2019 campaign. Joined this time by the likes of Andrew Matusek, Justin Kelly, and Paul Perebijnos, the crew of riders slated for this particular class were nothing short of exceptional. Pushing throughout the opening laps of Tuesday’s extravaganza, it was Nicholas Hayes again declaring his presence over the forty-one others in the pack. Startling nearly every other competitor on the gate, he would twist the throttle to a baffling degree; sprinting away on the green flag lap, and never looking back. Meanwhile Kentucky’s Shane O’banion held down the second place ride with confidence, looking to fend off Paul Perebijnos throughout this ten lap quest. Yet the number twelve, would pass that of O’Banion in closing moments; sealing the deal for a silver medal registry, with Hayes the gold, and Shane, the bronze. Lining the starting gate again for round number two, it would be that of Andrew Matusek pushing ahead and racing this treacherous track relatively unscathed. Leading every lap in the process, Nicholas Hayes wasn’t going down without an imminent charge; pushing his way from eighth to second, before all would conclude. Meanwhile the number four machine, of Illinois’ Justin Kelly, would ride a rather consistent quest, to a stellar third place when crossing the final stripe. Now with the stage set, the field would look to address matters in the last outing of the week. Once the board would be thrown sideway’s, the pack would migrate into unison throughout the opening moments. A hoard of roost would be slung by the rear wheels of all, and Hayes felt that it was his time to rise to the top. Hitting a multitude of outside lines, his pathway selection had him pulling from Andrew Matusek and Ohio’s Broc Peterson. Paul Perebijnos had been tallied into the fourth place position, with the number four of Justin Kelly doing what was necessary to obtain fifth. Hayes, taking a subtle look over his shoulder, would manage the race from the lead. And once crossing the checkered flag, he was greeted by family and supporters. Matusek, had done enough to clinch second overall, with Illinois’ Justin Kelly rounding out the podium expenditure.