The phrase “Battle Royale” could be coined as the definition of this 450 B division.



The phrase “Battle Royale” could be coined as the definition of this 450 B division. With explanation, this respective field would assemble with an intertwining of results, boiling to an absolute showdown as the third moto would arise. The “Power Three” would consist of Matthew LeBlanc, Luke Kalaitizian, and Luca Marsalisi. This trio, had been inseparable since the inception of the first moto, leaving much of the field in the background, to quarrel amongst themselves. For the first moto, it would be that of a Yonkers, New York native, barreling to the front of the field. With the crowd flocking to the fence as the race would begin, the number seventy-two would appear to be on the right track. The morning fog would lift, and it was Marsalisi emerging through the smoke. However, blazing the trail if you will, would be the newfound “MotoConcepts” signee, of Luke Kalaitzian. The number thirty-six, was well on his to victory; when the aforementioned Kawasaki of Marsalisi would hunt him down. Meanwhile, the designated “number one” of Matthew Leblanc, surged through the field; deciphering his way through traffic, all the while gaining significant position. This pattern would continue, until lap nine. It was then, that Luca would plunge into the lead; making a pass of certainty on the Honda rider, and jolting to the checkered flag. Following the conclusion of the twenty-minute tenure, the results sheet of finality would list Luca first, Kalaitzian second, and LeBlanc doing what was necessary to attain third. LeBlanc showed an abundance of aggravation and frustration on the podium following the conclusion of the first bout; and looked to redeem himself decisively in the midst of midweek festivities. He would stalk the Honda of Kalaitzian who again, took an early lead. And setting the fastest lap time in the process, he would infiltrate reign of the field, forcing the pack of forty-one others to oblige on lap seven. Now with only a few circuits to follow, LeBlanc would exemplify an ordinary ritual of race-craft, taking a much needed victory. The thirty-six Honda claimed second, with Marsalisi clawing through the field, to score the number three position. It was then a matter to be settled, on that of Friday morning; as the pack congregated one final time, to amass a flow of traffic steady to the finish line. LeBlanc displayed urgency, pushing into the unbeknownst frontier. Making a move rather quickly on that of Kalaitzian, LeBlanc would flourish as he passed the 450cc machine. Luke would attempt to make another pass around the billboard, yet would go down as a result of clipping his rear wheel. Remounting rather quickly, it looked as though Luke could salvage a second overall. Although the story out front, would be simply titled “the Matthew LeBlanc” show. Securing the championship with clarity, Kalaitizan would claim second, and Matthew Curler, hoisting the bronze medal.