There wasn’t much else to be said, following the conclusion of this 125 C brigade. A myriad of ringing 2-strokes would fill the starting gate from one end to the other, in a longitude fashion of sorts. An imminent, constant revving of every brand imaginable, would then mesh into an absolute swarm of soldering and outright battle as they flew into the first corner. Emerging more often than not, would be that of Garrett Alumbaugh; a rider from Texas, hoisting the number seventy-four across his respective machine. It would be much the case, in that of the first moto; where the track offered an array of lines for the field to choose. Riders like Bryce Lizarraga, Josephy Sparado, and Lux Turner would attempt to dethrone him; hitting the peak of their “RPM," as they sprinted through the sand section(s). He flew over both middle tabletop obstacles, whipping the chassis in a wayward direction, electrifying the crowd with every leap. Upon landing, you could seem him click into fourth gear, charging into the finish line section with his sternum over the bar pad. He was ready for anything, gripping the handlebars with strength and determination. Bursting across the final stripe, he would initiate the three-moto process, with a well-deserved victory. For the following bout, Alumbaugh would again demonstrate a championship-like demeanor. The Yamaha’s swingarm would glisten as the radiant Tennessee sun reflected off of it, nearly blinding both mechanic’s and competition who came near. It was Lux Turner, on the number forty-seven, who kept him honest; doing whatever was necessary, to infiltrate the mindset of the leader. Yet, it was to no avail, when Alumbaugh again hit the final stripe with hands in the air. Knowing what was at stake, it wasn’t Garrett who withered in fear. Instead, he stood tall on the line, selecting his gate with thorough analyzation; before bursting down the long, slalom of a straightaway. He put his machine into an optimal position, pinning the 125cc machine throughout the deep soil of this morning moto. Feeling a bit of pressure from the pack behind, Alumbaugh would buckle down as the two-lap board came to fruition. He stayed on the right track, flying over the double of finality, and receiving a heap of praise when rolling into the protest tent! The culmination of hard-work, had been bestowed to an overall championship. Lux Turner, aided the “Blu Cru” with an astounding second place position, and KTM’s Bryce Lizarraga sported three separate top-five finishes, to garner a silver medal at the award ceremony.