Prior to the race week commencing here at Loretta Lynn’s, many were curious to see how well Levi Kitchen would ride, in his presumed “last run” in the intermediate division. The Yamaha rider had been setting the regional circuit on fire prior the event beginning here in Tennessee, leaving many to list him as the outright betting favorite for a championship. Kitchen, would oblige; taking the field by storm for even that of practice, and presenting some of the fastest lap-times in the week. Launching off the final jump prior to the right-handed sand corner, he would land in the midst of braking bumps; as the suspension plowed through the plushest of strokes, on the way to the finish line. He looked to do much the same, for that of moto number one; yet an uncharacteristic bad start would hamper his race-winning aspirations. Kitchen would pay no attention to the odds stacked against him, and instead, pass eight riders on the first lap! With Daxton Bennick looking to break away out front, Kitchen would have his eyes set on both he and Jack Chambers, residing in first and second respectively. Continuing to push with a furious rage, Kitchen would land in the first place ride by the halfway point; with Bennick and Chambers, following and displaying imminent speed as well. Yet, the number forty-seven would clinch the checkered flag once and for all, signifying his dominance from that point forward. For the following portion of racing action, Kitchen, would waste no time asserting himself as the alpha of the pack; blistering to an early race lead, and forcing others behind him to rise to the occasion. Configuring lines that few others could fathom, his tranquility on the bike would be considered phenomenal. Emerging from “StoryLand," Kitchen would contain the rest of the field with dominance; hitting every inch of this track, with focus and speed like no other. Although riders like Daxton Bennick and Luca Marsalisi were behind him, he felt as though he could continue to decimate the track; although he would have to finagle his way through lap traffic in the meantime. Nevertheless, his lead would grow exponentially; stretching to a jaw-dropping twenty-five seconds, on the conclusion of lap ten. Luca Marsalisi, and Daxton Bennick, would finish second and third respectively. For the final moto of action, Kitchen again proved his worth; showing to all factory teams, why he was labeled as one of the hottest commodities at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch. Ahead of Daxton Bennick and Garrett Hoffman to conclude matters, it was hard to say that anyone else had a better week than the number forty-seven at the ranch.