Jeremy Fappani first competed at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship in 2015 in both the 51cc (7-8) Limited and 65cc (7-9) Limited classes. The Arizona native wasn’t able to earn an overall finish and returned the following season in the 65cc category to try again. Fappani’s best overall result throughout his first two years of competition in Hurricane Mills was a 24th overall, but he had something to say about that in 2017. He made some drastic improvements between 2016 and 2017 and showed up at the Ranch in the 65cc (10-11) Limited and 65cc (7-11) Limited classes with determination and confidence on his side. Fappani challenged for the top ten in both divisions, earning two overall finishes inside the top ten with the majority of his moto finishes towards the front of the pack. Fappani continued to make progress as he moved in the right direction in 2018, laying down the best performance of his career at Loretta Lynn’s in the 65cc (7-11) class that year. The rider out of Arizona was fast the entire week in the varying conditions of the Ranch as he put together 4-3-4 moto finishes in order to achieve 3rd place overall. Fappani made the full-time transition to the 85cc classes in 2019 and he continued to perform well in Hurricane Mills last year on the slightly bigger bike, earning 4th place overall in the 85cc (10-12) Limited class. He showed good speed earlier this season at Spring A Ding Ding by earning a pair of podiums and Fappani will be looking to bring the same form to the Ranch next week.


How’d the Regionals go?

The Regionals went okay, I got qualified but I wasn’t happy with the results.

What’s a typical day of training been like for you getting ready for Loretta’s?

We train in California so we’ve driven out there every week since the Regionals. My typical day of training for Loretta’s is some sort of warm-up, then a moto, after that we do one more moto, and to finish we do starts with a couple of sprint laps. I have also been training a lot with my family physical trainer in Arizona. We have been working a lot with strength and my stamina.


Do you have a pre-race routine?

My pre-race routine is a warm-up on the stationary bike.

How do you recover after a twenty-minute moto in the brutal heat and humidity?

I hydrate as much as I can and eat some sort of meal after the moto.

Is there one specific year at Loretta’s that stands out as the most memorable for you?

Probably my most memorable year was two years ago when I had my first podium finish at Loretta’s.

What do you think is the key to success at the Ranch?

Getting good starts and staying consistent throughout the whole week.