Eidan Steinbrecher just recently made the transition to the 51cc (7-8) Limited class, so he only has limited experience racing at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship. Nonetheless, the Cobra rider has logged some impressive results in Hurricane Mills. He finished impressively in 10th place overall in his first trip to the Ranch, performing well in the 51cc (4-6) Limited class in 2018. The Californian had top-five speed but a 28th place finish in the opening moto dropped him down the overall finishing order although he still managed to bounce back in the second and third moto with a 4th and 5th place finish, respectively. Last year, Steinbrecher returned as a member of the Team Dunlop Elite program and put together three solid motos in the 51cc (4-6) Limited class. He went 4-3-3 to earn 3rd place overall at the 2019 Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship, earning his personal best finish and the first overall podium of his young career at the Ranch. Steinbrecher has made the transition to the 51cc (7-8) class for Loretta’s this year and is placing all of his focus on performing well on the 50. He had a slight collarbone injury at the beginning of the season right before the lockdown hit, allowing him plenty of time to recover and get back up to speed. He showed up at the Deseret Peak Youth Regional in Utah at the beginning of June and earned a 4th place overall finish, earning his ticket in the 51cc (7-8) class before eventually making the trip to Moto X Compound to finalize his training for Loretta Lynn’s.



How’d the Regionals go for you?

Regionals went really good. My family headed to Utah and I was able to get the job done at the first round.

What’s a typical day of training been like for you getting ready for Loretta’s?

We start the day with practice, then we do some crazy motos, and we usually finish the day with sprints or sections. (Matt) Walker has really helped build my endurance with these long motos in the heat and humidity.


Do you have a pre-race routine?

Get in race mode!!!! I usually get dressed in full gear pretty early on to get used to the weather, make sure I drink my water, and usually take a look at the track. I always try to think positive thoughts before going out and to have a good flow out on the track.

How do you recover after a long moto in the brutal heat and humidity?

This heat is hard. Usually, my recovery means jumping in the swimming pool!

What’s your favorite part about being at Loretta’s?

My favorite part about Loretta’s is definitely riding the track but also playing in the creek.

What do you think is the key to success at the Ranch?

Well, I’ve had some success but I’m still waiting for the BIG success there. I think really it comes down to your training before getting there and being able to do it on the race track once you get there. I think the biggest thing is to have fun! I’ve let the pressure get to me in the past and I just have to remember to always have fun! I love what I do.