Noah Viney first competed at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship back in 2015, registering in the 65cc (7-9) Limited class. The Californian consistently progressed throughout the next few years as he improved his overall scores and by the time he was competing in the 65cc (7-11) and (10-11) Limited classes in 2017, Viney was persistently putting himself inside the top ten. The KTM rider secured 8th overall in the (7-11) class in 2017 which still stands as his best overall finish at the Ranch to date. He missed Loretta’s in 2018 and returned in 2019 with the Rides Unlimited BTO Sports Amateur Racing squad, contesting both the Mini Sr. classes. The Canadian native just barely missed out on making his way back into the top ten last season in an incredibly challenging and competitive field of Mini Sr. riders. Viney returns in the same class this year and he’s looking primed to make big improvements on last year’s scores as he’s demonstrated some solid speed at the beginning of the season. The KTM rider showed up at the Deseret Peak Midwest Youth Regional and scored two 3rd place overall finishes to secure his tickets to the Ranch before switching it up and traveling to Florida to prepare with the Red Dog MX Academy.



How’d the Regionals go for you?

Overall the Regionals went well. I competed in the first west coast Regional in Utah and had the most competition to deal with there. We blew up my race bike in one of the practice sessions because of the altitude difference so I had to ride my practice bike. I had a crash in my first moto and rode from last to 7th so I was worried. I put my head down and ended up going 7-3-2 for 3rd overall in Mini Sr 1 and 4-3-2 for 3rd overall in Mini Sr 2. I felt faster on the track every time I rode. I’m happy to have made it through my first Regional and happy with my speed.

What’s a typical day of training been like for you getting ready for Loretta’s?

Well, I switched things up after Regionals and we moved out to Florida for the summer to train with Timmy Ferry, my teammate Jack Chambers, and Evan Ferry. We are living in Auburndale and training in the heat, humidity, and rain. It is very different here but I love it. Off the bike, I am jet skiing and riding my mountain bike as well as doing some weight training. We ride a lot of turn tracks at Timmy’s house, Jack Chambers house and we ride Chad Reed’s old compound. We are training 4 days a week on the bike and we have been racing every second weekend as well.


Do you have a pre-race routine?

I like riding my bike to warm up a bit and I do rubber band exercises for my shoulders to warm them up. I don’t like to talk too much before a race and like to focus on visualizing the track - I kinda go quiet especially on the line.

How do you recover after a twenty-minute moto in the brutal heat and humidity?

I like to go for a swim and I like to drink juices and eat some fruit like watermelon and raspberries. I usually put some music on my phone or watch some YouTube to get me mentally calmer.

Is there one specific year at Loretta’s that has been the most memorable for you?

2017 at Loretta Lynn’s was my best year even though my overall results were not great, but I did get an 8th. I actually was top three in some motos and I had really good speed, but I crashed multiple times in my motos which ruined my overall finish. That year I was not intimidated or worried and I just rode. That is the key for me, mentally I just need to feel confident and I will do well.

What do you think is the key to success at the Ranch?

You need to treat it like just another race. It is so built up and so everyone worries so much about doing well. I am more of a supercross specialist so it really is not a race that I feel I will just crush everyone at. I want to do as well as I can and that is my goal. I also believe you need to focus on turns and bumps; the LL track is all about being good in turns and bumps. Timmy Ferry has us focusing on that and we feel very comfortable in those conditions.