Ryder DiFrancesco has had a slew of success at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Championship over the course of his amateur career, starting with his second visit to the Ranch back in 2011. The Californian won the 51cc (4-6) class as a 5-year-old and returned the very next year to defend his title, claiming two number one plates at Loretta’s in only three attempts. DiFrancesco missed one of the next two years but he returned to Hurricane Mills in 2015 on a Kawasaki, starting a partnership throughout the last half-decade that has produced undeniable results. The Team Dunlop Elite rider won the championship that year in the 65cc (7-9) Limited class with 1-1-2 moto scores, clinching his third Loretta Lynn’s title in the process. After a few overall podiums in 2016, DiFrancesco was hungry to get back on the top step of the podium and that’s exactly what he did in the two following seasons. He won the 85cc (9-11) Limited class in 2017 and continued to dominate the Ranch in 2018, doing something that few riders achieve as he won the overall in both of his classes, winning a total of three motos. 2019 wasn’t Ryder D’s year at the Ranch but he has already shown the speed to get the job done during his first year of competition in the Supermini classes, proven by his triumphs earlier this season at Daytona RCSX and Spring A Ding Ding.


How’d the Regionals go for you?

They went good, I had a couple of mistakes with going off track and my speed. I went 1-1-1 in Supermini 1 and in Supermini 2, I went 2-6-2 for 3rd place overall.

What’s a typical day of training been like for you getting ready for Loretta’s?

A typical day for me is get up in the morning to eat breakfast, do some school, get in a workout, and go riding at Reynard’s. On off days, I like to fish and hang out with my buddies.


Do you have a pre-race routine?

Nothing really special, try and calm myself down and try to have fun.

How do you recover after a twenty-minute moto in the brutal heat and humidity?

Get in some ice water and try to cool down and get some Arma in me to try and get rehydrate


Is there one specific year at Loretta’s that has been the most memorable for you?

2011. I won Loretta’s at 5 years old and still hold the record for the youngest to win a championship.

What do you think is the key to success at the Ranch?

The key to winning at Loretta’s is to get good starts and put myself in a good position. Stay consistent all weekend.