Garrett Marchbanks was one of the favorites in the B class coming into the 2016 Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship, but things didn’t go quite as planned for the Utah native. He moved out of the Supermini classes in 2015 and went straight onto the 250 and although he had race-winning speed and potential at the Ranch in 2016, he wasn’t able to put it together. Marchbanks went 21-1-7 in the 250 B class for 6th place overall and in the Schoolboy 2 class, the Kawasaki rider went 1-2-33 for 10th place overall. Both classes were won by his teammate at the time, Jordan Bailey. In the following season, Marchbanks returned to Loretta’s in the B class and won five out of six motos on his way to a pair of titles, completing a fairytale weekend at the Ranch before making his professional debut the following year.