During the 2016 season, Jalek Swoll had been onboard the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna team for a couple of seasons and he was competing in the 125cc and Schoolboy 1 classes. After a year to forget at the Ranch in 2015, the Floridian was determined to come back strong and that’s exactly what he did in 2016. Swoll finished on the podium every single race and won half of the motos that he contested, doing what very few riders are capable of doing as he took the number one plate in both classes. The Husqvarna rider proved that he was one of the fastest riders at the Ranch that week as he’s done time and time again throughout his career, racking up a total of six titles in Hurricane Mills before graduating last year out of the A class. It’s fair to say that Swoll won’t be one of the only riders lining up on the gate at the Loretta Lynn Pro National this summer success at the Ranch, but he’ll have the most recent experience over his competitors.