2016 was a tough year for Stilez Robertson at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship. At the time, he was representing the illustrious Team Green Kawasaki outfit and he had an abundance of success at the Ranch in previous years, setting irregularly high standards for himself with a total of four number one plates up to that point of his career. The Californian was competing in the Supermini 1 and Supermini 2 classes at Loretta Lynn’s back in 2016 and although he had the pace to mix it up at the front of the pack, DNFs in both classes heavily affected his overall results. Robertson finished in the 13th overall position in both of the Supermini classes with a personal best moto finish of 4th position which he achieved twice throughout the week. Supermini 1 won by Seth Hammaker and Supermini 2 was won by Jo Shimoda.