Over the last two years, Levi Kitchen has found some impressive form at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship in August. The Yamaha rider recorded his personal best finish at the Ranch in 2018, finishing in 2nd place overall in the 125cc (12-17) B/C class with 3-3-5 moto finishes throughout the week. Kitchen backed up the overall podium last year with a 3rd place overall in the 125cc (12-17) B/C class yet again, collecting multiple moto podiums and even a moto win on the final day of racing. The Rock River Yamaha rider has since moved up to the B class for the 2020 season and he quickly began collecting titles this year before the lockdown went into effect. Kitchen has been training hard at Real Deal MX Training Facility and all of the sweat and dedication paid off when he showed up to the Ponca City South Central Amateur Regional at the beginning of June, winning all four of the classes that he entered (250 B, 250 B Limited, 450 B, 450 B Limited) which gives him a choice of what to race this year at Loretta’s. No matter which gate Kitchen decides to line up on, he’s proven in the last couple of years that he’s got what it takes to run up front against the fastest competition in the country.


How’d the Regionals go for you?

Regionals went well! I won all four of my classes at Ponca and I had a pretty consistent weekend.

What’s a typical day of training been like for you getting ready for Loretta’s?

On a typical day, I just wake up and do three twenty-minute motos, then workout and at the end of the day, I’ll go fish or golf.


Do you have a pre-race routine?

I usually do twenty jumping jacks and listen to some Cindy Lauper. Just kidding, more like some Alice In Chains.

How do you recover after a twenty-minute moto in the brutal heat and humidity?

After a twenty-minute moto, I just drink some water and cool off.


Is there one specific year at Loretta’s that has been the most memorable for you?

I would say 2010. It was my first time going and nobody had a clue who I was. Ended up doing pretty well and getting top 10s every moto!

What do you think is the key to success at the Ranch?

I think to be successful at the Ranch you have to be calm and have a good mindset. Confidence is everything at a race like Loretta’s.