Dannyn Reed really came on strong in the 65cc class towards the end of last season, showing undeniable speed every time he lined up on the gate. The rider out of Utah earned top-five overall finishes at both the FMF California Classic in April and Mammoth Mountain Motocross in June, continually building up his pace and momentum from one month to the next. Reed came into The Motoplayground Race at Ponca City with a high level of determination, prepared to do some damage in the 65cc (10-11) class. He claimed 5th place overall in the (10-11) Mod and rose to the occasion in the (10-11) Limited class, combining 2-1 moto scores in order to take the top spot. A few months later, Reed showed up at the AZ Open at the beginning of December and laid down the law in the 65cc (10-11) Limited and 65cc (7-11) classes, snagging both number one plates in commanding fashion, subsequently ending the season on a high note. He hit a few races at the beginning of the year but wasn’t able to get too many gate drops in before the coronavirus pandemic put a halt to normal proceedings, although he proved that the time away from racing didn’t hinder his speed one bit as he lined up at the Deseret Peak Youth Regional and earned both his tickets to the Ranch. Reed claimed 3rd place overall in both the 65cc (10-11) classes that he contested and put himself right where he wants to be heading into the upcoming Amateur National Championship at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.


What did you do to keep yourself busy and occupied when the lockdown started back in March?

I worked out every day and rode at the land we started building a house on in Payson, Utah. My dad bought a tractor to help with parts of building the house and we ended up grooming some areas on the back of our property for a turn track. We had some dirt delivered and built a few jumps as well. It was fun to get out of our house, working on the track and going to ride there at night and on weekends.

Did you take some time off of the bike initially?

Yes, for awhile, there was nowhere to ride so we took a break for a couple of weeks.

What has your riding situation been like and how has that developed throughout the last few months?

Everything was shut down here in Utah after a race in March so by the end of March my dad contacted Gary, the owner of RMX series, (the local series I race) and had him build me a legit track with all the dirt we had delivered. I rode at my track as often as I could and then RMX held a few practices at Bunkerhill (in Delta, Utah) which I rode at as much as possible and then racing resumed a few weeks later. My whole family was so excited to get back to the races again since being at the track is our sense of normalcy and plus it distracted us from COVID and the craziness that was taking place all over. Then Tooele, Utah was announced as a place to hold a Regional and we were back to racing and practicing 100%.

What do you enjoy doing outside of motocross for fun and entertainment?

I like boating, swimming, going to the docks in my neighborhood, pit bike riding, playing video games, hanging out with friends, and working with my dad.

Take us through your weekend of racing last year at The Motoplayground Race at Ponca City and talk about how the racing went for you there.

Getting to Ponca was sort of crazy because of some crazy winter storms, but we finally got there and practice went great. I was digging the track. My gear wasn’t in the best shape though so we went looking for gear at the vendors there and met Spencer with SOFA Brand gear and tried their gear, which I really liked and wear to this day. Race day was fun, I got the bomber helmet for making the most passes during one of my motos in the 65 (10-11) class which I was stoked about. I rode the best in the 65 (10-11) Limited class though. My first moto, I was in 1st place for a few laps and then (Blake) Pressedee passed me so I finished 2nd place. My next moto in that class, I got the holeshot and stayed in 1st that whole race with (Colt) Golembeski right behind me. I was so happy to finish 1st and the podium was a blast! I loved shaking the champagne bottle at everyone.


What did you think about the track layout at Ponca?

I really liked the track! It was smooth and flowy and really fun. I liked hitting the middle triple the most. I’m hoping to make it there again!

What was it like ending the year with two titles at the AZ Open in the 65cc classes?

It was so awesome!! The year before, I took 2nd place there so I worked so hard hoping to grab some number one plates and it paid off and felt great!

Were you able to get much racing in before the coronavirus pandemic caused all of the cancellations and postponements at the beginning of the season?

RMX had some races in Mesquite at the beginning of the year and until March 6th when the pandemic shut everything down in Utah. So, I got some good riding in at those races.

How did it feel to finally be back on the gate at the Deseret Peak Youth Regional at the beginning of June?

It felt good to be back at the gate there and we were way excited that a track in Utah got to host a Regional. I was nervous because I was fighting bike issues at my practices before the Regional. I think I had three flat tires during my practices and was lucky enough to have my dad’s friends help with the tires since my dad wasn’t there to change them. My goal was to ride safe, smart, and just get both tickets punched because I knew my dad had so much work to do at our house, and traveling to other Regionals would’ve been super hard for him. I ran top four consistently, even going down at one point, but I got up quickly and finished and punched my tickets!!!


What are your thoughts on the Super Regional format?

I thought it was fine. Worked out great for me!

What is your mindset heading to Loretta Lynn’s this season?

I’m aiming to take top three in both of my classes and for at least one holeshot.

Have you given any thought to what classes you’ll be racing heading into 2021?

I haven’t raced my 85 a whole lot but am getting a few races under my belt and I’m looking forward to racing the 85 (12-15) and 85 (9-11) classes in 2021. I might try the Supermini class as well.