Jordan Torres made some noise in the various 85cc classes last year over the course of the 2019 racing season, putting himself in a good position throughout the Loretta Lynn Qualifiers in addition to multiple top-five finishes at Mammoth Motocross in June. The Californian showed up at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch about one month later and earned his place as one of the top ten fastest 85cc riders in the nation, claiming 9th place overall in the Mod class due to a handful of top ten moto finishes. Torres has graduated to the Mini Sr and Supermini classes this year and is already showing some serious potential on the bigger bike. Although he didn’t attend that many races at the beginning of the season before the coronavirus pandemic put the regular racing schedule on hold, the Californian has been strong since the Loretta Lynn Regionals kicked back off throughout the last few months. Torres finished in 1st place in the Mini Sr. 2 class at the Washougal Super Regional and also claimed 2nd overall in the Supermini 2 class, getting his hands on two tickets to the upcoming Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship.


What did you do to keep yourself busy and occupied when the lockdown started back in March?

During this whole COVID pandemic, I used the time to rehab my collarbone properly from an accident I had in February. I'm continuing to visit TKB Sports medicine in Morgan Hill three times a week working out, working on balance, reaction, and strength, physically and mentally. Tuan, my fitness coach is by far the best in the business and really helps with our program. He's a believer! (laughs)

Did you take some time off of the bike initially?

We always take time off after Loretta’s for football season so there’s always a period when my dad can build up the bikes again and recoup our bank account while away from the track. It really helps me because it allows me to stay hungry for racing season.

What has your riding situation been like and how has that developed throughout the last few months?

As of right now, we ride once or twice during the week but being from Santa Cruz it is tough to find anywhere to really ride a solid track. The closest track to use is about two hours away so it makes it hard. Just trying to ride as much as we can on the weekends while still preserving our bikes.


What do you enjoy doing outside of motocross for fun and entertainment?

Like I said before, on our off time I play football and joined a boxing gym called Noble/Moreno Boxing.  It's fun and keeps me in great shape. If I’m not doing those two things, I’m on my BMX bike looking for jumps to hit.

You had two solid top-five finishes at Mammoth last year in the 85cc (10-12) class, how’d the racing go for you up on the mountain last season?

This year has been so funky with Mammoth being canceled. It's my family's favorite race of the year. The trees, the people, the wildlife and everything about that mountain is awesome. I had good success last year but I still want to win it. Last time I won Mammoth I was on 50s. It's always better when you win.

How’d Loretta Lynn’s go last season from your perspective?

Loretta’s last year was awesome! I always have great speed at the Ranch, I just need to work on racing myself and not who is behind me. I believe a 9th is okay but I honestly think I could win it despite being a kid on his own budget and not being that factory rider. It's been done before, I just need to find a groove and stick with it. Rubber side down is what my dad says. All being said, the Ranch is always up there with our favorite race of the year.

How did it feel to finally be back on the gate at the Super Regional at Fox Raceway and Washougal?

Coming into the Qualifiers, I had suffered a broken clavicle so we were unsure what the plan was coming into Lorettas, whether to stay on the 85 or move up to supermini. It's been a tough decision. I fit both bikes well and I like them both. Fox Raceway for the Super Regional was my first race in supermini and it was fun. I didn't try the 85 but had good speed on the 112 Husqvarna. I suffered some bad luck and that's the only reason we didn't get our tickets but we definitely had the speed for a top-four. We made our trek up north to Washougal with open minds and decided to run the Mini Sr 1 and 2. Man, it was a much-needed win. The kids from up north are no joke, every year they come out swinging but I felt good and strong knowing from Fox Raceway that we had the speed. I didn't look back and won overall in both Mini sr and had a solid 2nd in Supermini 2. In Supermini 1, I got a flat leaving us clear out of a top-four.


What’s your mindset like heading to Loretta Lynn’s this season?

Going into Lorettas, I just want to show my family and a few others like TKB and Las Animas Concrete that the time and money they put into me is well worth it. They've had my back since day one and truly believe in my talent as a top national caliber rider. We don't do homeschool, training facilities, or nutrition coaches, so they understand, but I want to give back to them with a number one plate from the Ranch someday. We'll go ride a week before Lorettas at the Masterpool’s where Jerry and Tara are very welcoming every time we show up. Not that you can make a champion in a week but they love my family and our dedication.

Have you given any thought to what classes you’ll be racing heading into 2021?

Next year I'll be one hundred percent full-time on the supermini and being only 13 I'll try and run it to the end and enjoy the process. Moving forward too fast takes away from being a mini rider and having fun, so that's our plan for 2021. Don't get me wrong, we will dabble on the 125 but that's about it!